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House Rules – This is What You Need To Know About The Contestants And The Houses.

With House Rules starting tonight on SEVEN here is a little ready reckoner about the contestants and their houses.

Brooke and Grant – Tas – Mortgage $258,000

brooke and Grant



They who are the Brady Bunch family with the two bedrooms and seven kids and they have been living that way for some time. Grant bought the house six years ago, they met five years ago at a New Year’s Eve party.  They are hoping to get a bedroom and bath. Grant, 31, is a cabinetmaker show at least knows how to use a power tool. Brooke, 30, works in childcare but thinks being the child of a builder might help. We’ll see.

Candy and Ryan – NSW – Mortgage $400,000

candy & Ryan


The NSW pair are first up on the renovation stakes with their red brick home where they plan on having a family. They pair love to cook so are hoping to get a workable kitchen. Ryan, 29,  an electrician says Candy, 26, a pathology training and development officer, has a volcanic temper, so maybe she is the one who could turn into the series villain. Apparently Candy is keen to get married by Ryan wanted to wait until the renovations were done.

Russell and Carole – WA – Mortgage is $290,000

Carole and Russell


The pair bought their house off Gumtree, yes I thought WTF as well. Also Carole made an offer on the house without asking him. The house is run down but the view are great. They say they hate the whole house. The kitchen is not functional, the bedroom has holes in the floor and the bathroom has mould. Also there is asbestos in the bathroom, cockroach nests in the walls along with possums in the roof. Which makes you wonder why they even bought the house. Russell, 55, an administration manager and Carole, 53, and works for the local council met over ten years ago.  Russell did do landscaping back in the day so it will be interesting to see how handy he is around the houses.

Maddi and Lloyd  – Qld – Mortgage $369,000

maddi and lloyd


The house is in Townsville and has a pool and backs onto a reserve. They dislike the bathroom as it is old and falling apart. There is also mould everywhere and the pair say the shower shakes when they have a shower. Lloyd 27, is now a aviation firefighter but for ten years worked in the building industry. Also Maddi lived in 30 houses as her father renovated them. Apparently they are very laid back so it will be interesting to see how they cope with the tight deadlines.

Mel and Bomber – SA – Mortgage $380,000

Bomber and mel


This could be an interesting dynamic as Mel, 39, and Bomber, 45, have only been together for a year after meeting on a dating website. Tindr? She apparently is a bit of a cryer. Their house is a lovely looking heritage house and it has lots of space for their four children. The pair hate the kitchen as it currently has a hole in the floor and they have a camp kitchen set up in the family room. Currently they do the dishes in the bathroom sink. Also cats enter the house night because of all the holes that are in it.

Mel is a teacher and Bomber is a house husband but he has extensive renovation experience.

Adam and Lisa – Vic – Mortgage $520,000

Adam and Lisa



Lisa,29, a HR Manager and Adam, 31, a carpenter and builder should have quite an advantage in this competition but apparently they find it very hard to make decisions. However they both are hard workers. Their house does not appear quite as dumpy as some of the others as Lisa’s biggest complaint appears to be the green carpet and the yellow and orange bathroom. However don’t be surprised if there is asbestos in the house. They also want an open plan style house opposed to the current “rabbit warren”.

The judges for House Rules are Wendy Moore the editor of Home Beautiful and Joe Snell who is an architect. The mentors are Carolyn Burns-McCrave and build supervisor Chester Drife who was pretty popular with the female fans last year.

House Rules starts tonight Wednesday 30 April at 7.30pm and Thursday night at 8.00pm on SEVEN.

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My Kitchen Rules – Grand Final Wrap Up and Media Links

Bree and Jess resized

As usual Jess from PopSugar has done a great interview with the winners Bree and Jess. Bree says she would like to write cookbooks and Jess would like to do something with SA produce and tourism. (Source: PopSugar)

Last year’s winner Dan has slammed the story doing the rounds in relation to the My Kitchen Rules behind the scenes secrets. He said there were no compulsory cooking lessons nor were their chefs plating up the final dishes. (Source: Fraser Chronicle) Thanks Andrea.

Bree in an interview says she likes her voice, also they will be using the money to take the pressure off their families. They also say WA girls food was better in the semi’s then Qld dad’s. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Chloe and Kelly were apparently shattered about the loss but have to say here are pics of Kelly and her boyfriend and he is a bit of a hottie. Also Chloe’s fiancee did not make it to the filming of the finale so the question remains who was the guy who had his shirt unbuttoned to his waist? (Source: Daily Mail)

Colin Fassnidge out and about with his wife and kids. (Source: Daily Mail)

The most talked about episode on Twitter was apparently pastry gate where the WA girls cooked their dessert with store bought pastry. Also the article has “top tweets” which are mainly from celebrities there were much funnier tweets from the “ordinary” person in my opininon. (Source:

If you find any other links add them into the commentary section. Also once I find an interview with Chloe and Kelly I will add it in.

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The Face Australia – The Final Five

final five The Face

I have to confess I forgot about The FACE Australia last night because of the My Kitchen Rules final. But have to confess I have not enjoyed the show that much. Mainly due to the blatent game playing to ensure all of Nicole Trunfio’s models were all eliminated.

Naomi Campbell and Cheyenne Tozzi were not judging on looks/talent so I feel quite sorry for the contestants that were caught in the cross fire. Also a lot of faux fighting and drama was going on.

The top five have been selected with WA girls taking out three of the places what is in the water over there?

The top five are: 

From Team Naomi there is Chantal Monaghan (18) from Brisbane, QLD; Ruth Willmer (20) from Albany, WA; and Sarah Tilleke (19) from Perth, WA.  Team Cheyenne has Yaya Deng (20) from Sydney, NSW; and Olivia Donaldson (20) from Perth, WA.

The winner of THE FACE AUSTRALIA will be announced in next week’s finale on Tuesday May 6 at 8.30pm on FOX8.  During the episode, the final five girls face a tough interview in front of a panel at the Olay HQ, followed by one final shoot with fashion photographer Jez Smith.  The top three girls are selected to walk in a spectacular runway finale dressed by American designer Zac Posen, in front of a 500 strong audience, before the winner is announced.

I will be very surprised if Sarah Tilleke is not the winner. Who do you think will win and did you enjoy the show?

The FACE Australia on FOX8 on Tuesday 6th May at 8.30pm.

April 30, 2014   3 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Another Sneak Peek Looks Interesting

Masterchef Australia is starting on Monday 6 May and TEN have released another sneak peek. There is the hottest chilli in the world, so expect George Calombaris NOT to taste any of those dishes.

There also looks like a Heston style  twist on the classic Lemon, Lime and Bitters this time done by George I think.

Masterchef Australia on TEN at 7.30pm from Monday 6th May.

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The X Factor Australia Gives A Sneak Peek

The X Factor Australia has put out a sneak peek and says that it is returning to SEVEN soon. This is a bit strange as normally it starts towards the end of August.

Is this a strategy to let viewers know there is another singing show other then The Voice Australia around? Hopefully they don’t bring it forward as it sits nicely at the end of the year and gives fans of these shows a break between it and The Voice Australia.

As you can see all the same judges are back this year including Ronan Keating who seemed to hint he would not be returning.

The X Factor Australia coming to SEVEN soon.

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