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Reality Tidbits – A Wrap Up Of Stories Of The Week

Here is a wrap up of all the stories I have missed due to being on holidays:

There may need to be a exorcism in the new run down hotel that has been brought for The Block. There was a grisley murder there. It will be interesting to see if this will affect auction prices. (Souce: SMH)

Fear and loathing is occurring in Melbourne as producers from Foxtel decide which of the Real Housewives of Melbourne will be back for season two. Apparently other Melbournites are currently being wined and dined. (Source: SMH)

Michelle Bridges is teaming with Blackmores to produce “health” products and also she says that everyone should be able to find the time to train. (Source:

An interview with the very charming Charlie Allibone from Selling Houses Australia. (Source: TV Tonight)

Candy Spelling tells why daughter Tori barely inherited anything from her father after he died. She must think her spending habits are worse then her putting her life on a reality TV show. (Source: Daily Telegraph).

Remember when Channel NINE had Kitchen Nightmares on  about three times a week? Well no more as Gordon Ramsay has announced the series is over. It had probably gone on for too long and it appears 60 per cent of the restaurants he went to “help” ended up closing down. (Source: NY Mag)

Keith Urban will be back along with Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez for another season of Amercian Idol. They are great judges but unfortunately ratings continued to slide.

Apparently Honey Boo Boo has turned into a monster. (Source: Salon)

Celebrity Apprentice Australia star Lauren Eagle must be glad she is out of her relationship with Todd Carney after this weekend’s debacle. (Source:

June 30, 2014   45 Comments

The Voice Live Final’s Continue Tonight

Here is what will be happening on The Voice tonight:

The Voice Live Finals continue tonight from 7.30pm on Channel Nine, with an exclusive world first performance of Sexy Love and Love At First Sight by Voice Coach and pop superstar Kylie Minogue.

After being saved by the Coach vote last week Johnny Rollins (Team Kylie), Frank Lakoudis (Team Joel), Gabriel & Cecilia (Team will) and Jackson Thomas (Team Ricky) will perform, while the remaining three acts per team will learn their fate after a week of audience votes.

The artist with the most public votes will be safe for another week and perform again. Then, in an Australian first, the remaining artists with the least votes will perform for a chance to be instantly saved by the viewers via the Vodafone Homecoach App.

Tonight’s soundtrack:

Team Kylie

Johnny Rollins – Am I Wrong (Nico and Vinz)

John Lingard – Hand On Your Heart (Kylie Minogue)

Robbie Balmer – The Scientist (Coldplay)

Kat Jade – Dark Horse (Katy Perry)

Team Joel

Frank Lakoudis – American Woman (The Guess Who, Lenny Kravitz version)

Holly Tapp – Single Ladies (Beyoncé, Sara Bareilles version)

Isaac McGovern – Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)

Taila Gouge – Ain’t It Fun (Paramore)

Team will

Gabriel & Cecilia – Walking On A Dream (Empire of the Sun)

ZK – Imagine (John Lennon)

Anja Nissen – Irreplaceable (Beyoncé)

Mat Verevis – Rocket Man (Elton John)

Team Ricky 

Jackson Thomas – Kiss From A Rose (Seal)

Sabrina Batshon – Empire (Shakira)

C Major – Senorita (Justin Timberlake)​

Elly Oh – Mama Do (Pixie Lott)

Tell me what you think of the show and did the right people get eliminated.

June 30, 2014   45 Comments

OPEN POST: Masterchef Australia – Sunday Night Episode

Chat about the latest episode of Masterchef here. Was it fair? Was there good cooking? Did the judges make the right decision? Was there enough emotion milked from the episode?


June 29, 2014   124 Comments

Did The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey Go On The Wrong Reality Show?

Should the new bachelor Blake Garvey gone on reality show Catfish instead of signing up to The Bachelor Australia? If claims in today’s Daily Telegraph are true where Blakes alleges he was in an online relationship girl called Amy but never met her.

As has previously been reported on Reality Ravings that Blake Garvey had a girlfriend at the time of applying to the show and communications continued up until filming.

With the integrity of the show at stake Blake told the telegraph he had never met her face to face.

I suspect this is not the last we will hear of this story.

June 27, 2014   2 Comments

House Rules – Who The Hell Is Carole In A Relationship With And Other House Rules Gossip

House Rules couple Carole and Russell have been drawn into a scandal where it was revealed they and other teams have other houses but have they also been lying about their relationship?

It was thought Mel and Bomber had the shortest relationship, but it has been suggested that Carole was with Russell then with David and then back with Russell.

An eagle eyed reader Bronwyn kindly sent this link from a building website where Carole and David have a testimonial up. To be fair there is no date on the testimonial but does give weight to a commenter on this site who said that Russell and Carole were only recently back together.

As can be seen here “Well I Never”:

Carole did go back and forth between Russell and David Raif for a few years. In fact she and Russ divorced about 3 years ago, not sure if they remarried. David left her because she couldn’t make up her mind which man to be with – she treated both of them very badly. I think Russ became the default setting when she was left alone.

She is a licensed real estate agent, the property they (David and her) had in Doubleview was a plot of land which has been sold. They (Russ and her) purchased the place in Mandurah about 18 months ago and never intended to live there.

Carole and Russell have also been trying to sell their waterfront property in Perth for over $1.17 million it has been on the market for quite some time so maybe they have overpriced it so it can’t sell. Hopefully with all the publicity they are getting around it they might get some interested buyers. They also own another apartment.

The question is when did Russell and Carole get back together?

A reader on twitter pointed out to me that on a recent podcast on Kyle and Jackie O Russell and Carole could not name their wedding date!

You have to wonder if the pair were full and frank on their application form and if not should there be some penalty as it could affect the integrity of the show. Considering reality tv contracts are so onerous maybe they need to threaten to sue if application forms are found to be false. However the ratings are good for the renovation series so doubt SEVEN could say these salcious revelations are being financially detrimental to the Network.

In other House Rules news both Adam and Lisa and Maddi and Lloyd deny they have other houses. Maddi and Lloyd told PopSugar that they did not have another house but did have an apartment in Brisbane they have been trying to sell.

Adam and Lisa also deny according to they posted on their Facebook page:

“Well done to the rivalry station publication who has fabricated such lies. Not sure how you can get away with such rubbish.

“Once you have finished defaming – Can you please tell me where I can get the keys to my ‘other home’ and where we have been living for the past two years?!”

They may have now deleted it as I can’t find it on Facebook.


June 26, 2014   46 Comments