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Guest Post: The Bachelor: They Can’t Get Rid Of Amber Just Yet

A big thank you to Annajjj for cracking out these recaps. Over to her:

Tonight we’re promised an island date, a bachelorette bake off AND a possible sabotage just in case there are any viewers left who don’t already despise Ahmbar.

First up a quick bit of kiss-witnessed angst from Jess but yeah yeah whatever, he kisses everyone, don’t think you’re that special baaaabe.

DoshWosh appears at the house to deliver the reassuring news that ‘Blake feels he’s making progress with all of you’ and oh ewwwww! He also delivers a date card and it’s lucky Zoe again which is boring. There is just not enough drama with this particular bachie.

Zoe makes her way down the pier wearing a very tarty outfit – no rose bath and strapless gown for you lovie, and Blake is waiting for her on an ISLAND, no less, wearing a lei and surrounded by authentic Vanuatuan dancers and how awkward does he look doing his little hip swing dance? Hint: Not as awkward as he does when doing his limbo moves. Is anyone else reminded of Lurch from the Addams family?

Back at the house it’s time for the group date announcement and why does OshGosh deliver the single date card in person but just leave the group date card lying around like a wet towel for someone else to deal with? On this group date we have Kara, Louise, Sam, Lisa and of course the drama queens Ahmbarr and Scary Mary.

Over at the date as usual we have a ‘connection’, a hug, a rose and the usual spit swapping. Either each of these women are fabulous actresses or they are really really stupid and actually being duped by this schtick.

Group date time and the laydees arrive at a deli and Oshie announces that today they will be baking a cake because that’s a good way to judge your wife-ability. The bachies run into the pantry and grab everything they think they might need. Scary Mary tells Blake she’s no Miss Suzie Homemaker but still, there’s something about Mary* that convinces Blake to tie her apron.

All the aprons look like baggy sacks so the girls can look tiny and cute. Louise helps Sam with her cupcakes and that turns on Sam so much she seriously considers swapping teams and marrying Louise. DO IT! You’ll make a much better, nicer, far lovelier couple than Blake and absolutely-anyone-in-the-entire-world would.

Grizzly decides to play Secret Sabotage Game which apparently is a ‘thing’ the girls do with each other and Kara is the unwitting victim. Kara can’t make eye contact as she meekly asks Ahmbaar if she switched off the oven and Ahmbaar does an outraged double-take, like, that is soooo like, unfair!

Ahmbaar then tells us she is not the kind of girl who gets involved in petty drama and I actually miss the next ten minutes because I’m laughing so hard.

Cake tasting time! Mary has made a Very Scary Cake that tastes like foot (just one apparently), Lisa made an Obvious Love Heart Cake and Louise has made the Perfect Cake which gains her nothing but admiration from Sam. This whole exercise seems a bit pointless really.

At the pre-elimination cocktease party we find out that ‘connection’ has been upgraded to ‘chemistry’. Any old bachelorette can have a connection but now you need ‘chemistry’ to really stand out. Jess and Heliobachter have ‘CHEMISTRY’ we’re told as he takes her aside to apologise for kissing her. Unbelievably she doesn’t slap him stupid; instead she accepts his apology and thinks he is even more wonderful.

Laurina suddenly realizes to her horror that Zoe is a possible threat! She’s had more roses than anyone Laurina screeches. Yes AND a goddamn diamond bracelet which she is openly flaunting but that no one else seems to have noticed. And over to the couch where we’re also all apparently back to hating Ahmbarr and loving Jess. It’s bloody hard to keep up with these changing alliances.

At the rose ceremony it’s down to Kara and producer’s choice Ahmbarr and no surprises with the result. Blake gives Kara a few comforting words and Australia also yells a few comforting words along the lines of “Bloody Lucky Escape Love!’ and then it’s all over.

*Ok I’ll admit to being desperate to find an opportunity to insert that phrase in…

August 29, 2014   131 Comments

Natalie and Nadiya From The Amazing Race To Survivor

natalia and Nadiya

Yup, the terrible twins, Natalie and Nadiya, have moved on from The Amazing Race and will now be on the next season of Survivor. This pair are polarising you either love them or hate them.

The series which starts in September continues with Blood V Water theme with the contestants coming in as pairs. There is the usual NFL player, some gay Christians, and a beauty queen.

If you like Parvati you will be happy with to watch the below preview of the season. Also go here to get the full low down on the cast.

August 28, 2014   14 Comments

Redfoo In A Pub Snafoo

Redfoo was glassed, well had a glass thrown at him at at pub in Sydney. It is unclear how much damage was done to Redfoo’s face but apparently he was treated at the scene by an ambulance.

Also a mystery is why the now charged 21 year-old male threw the glass at The X Factor judge, but maybe if the photos on the Daily Tele site are anything to go by, it would suggest that he thought he was taking all the girls.

Redfoo looks like he has no shortage of female fans. Though I must be getting old again looking at the photos some of those people in the pictures look like they are barely over the drinking age limit.

SEVEN with the not so fabulous ratings for The X Factor will be hoping people tune in to check out the scar, because there is no such thing as negative publicity.

August 28, 2014   17 Comments

Guest Post: The Bachelor – If You’re Not Bringing The Drama You’re Gonna Be Gone

Annajjj is back with another brilliant recap of The Bachelor Australia to talk about who got pashed on the latest episode:

We’re back at the Bachelor’s house where the original girlfriends and the intruders are trying their best to cohabitate. It’s clearly not working. They’ll need a common enemy to get this party started and tonight will deliver one in the form of fresh-faced Jessica.

To kick things off OshKosh bounces into the garden to present the single date card and it’s Chantal’s turn – FINALLY.

Chantal prepares for her date, which includes heavily over plucking her right eyebrow, and then she’s whisked away in a chauffeur driven car (no surprises there *cough*cancelled license*cough*) and she is escorted to a room somewhere. There is a bunch of roses (does that mean she gets to stay for the next 12 rounds?) and some clean clothes. There’s also a 64 diamond bracelet, sucked in Zoe, and a suggestion that a bath might be in order for poor smelly Chantal.  There are rose petals in her bath (shredded roses??) and a creepy rose date theme is happening..

Blake is waiting for cleaned up Chantal in the bar and there is a mouth kiss straight up. Did she perhaps get a toothbrush suggestion along with the bath and fresh clothes?

Back at the house there is a continuity fail as it’s daylight again and Louise announces the group date – all the newbies of course: Rachel, Mary, Anastasia, Laurin and some of the fave oldies; Jessica, Laurina, Kara, and of course Ahmbarr. Lisa is shocked at Ahmbarr being included but absolutely no one else was.

Meanwhile Chantal and Blake’s date is ricocheting along as they plan out the next several years; wedding, honeymoon, children’s names, dessert…oh dessert is a rose too. Predictable but scary. There are kisses and a ‘connection’. Also predictable but scary.

Speaking of scary, Mary has very scary eyes.

Catfight! Sorry…Group Date! Off to Luna Park and again we are reminded of the unfairness of new girls coming in and stealing the valuable Blake-time. Jess bumps bumper cars with Blake and then it’s all on as the girls try to kill each other for a few precious moments with Blake. Then it’s a mini cocktail party and Scary Mary makes a toast to new friends. No one drinks to that.

Anastasia sits next to Blake on one of the rides but she can’t handle it for long. She bails, and quick as a flash Laurina jumps into her spot. Jess looks on forlornly. Laurina tells us that Jess has a big bum which slowed down her chances to score the Blake-spot. I believe the exact phrase was “She’s a little fuller and can’t move as fast”. Miaoooooowwww!

Kara gets a rose, then Jess makes her move, much to Ahmbarr and Laurina’s disgust. She’s like, not giving those like, delicate little shrinking violets a chance! Jess wins the roundabout challenge by planting her big butt in the middle of the circle and scores a few minutes with our hero. She reassures him that she adores him. Kiss to seal the deal.

Meanwhile the pot-kettle-black girls are bonding solidly with the new girls over their mutual disgust with Jess’s shameless Blake-hogging. Later at the cocktail party Laurina decides to tackle Jessica about her uncool behavior. Lovely Lisa tries to defend Jessica but gets shouted down by Scary Mary who also gets emotional. Scary Teary Mary.

Laurina drops the travel card (why?) something about 15 countries in 7 years and then attacks poor Jessica again before tackling Blake about ‘his side of the story’. Good grief. Is she serious? Where is the vote banner when you need it? I need to vote Laurina up to stay with Blake. They deserve each other.

Rose ceremony time! GoshDosh’s hair is greasier and higher than usual (and yes he can help it so don’t accuse me of being mean). Jessica gets one of the first roses to the universal disgust of the group then Laurina gets one to my disgust. Mary and Anatasia are left until last and Mary doesn’t want to go and so Anastasia is goooone! Serves you right for not pretending to enjoy the carnival ride and for not being a nasty snide entertaining piece of work. More shenanigans tomorrow.

August 27, 2014   162 Comments

And The Emmy For Most Outstanding Reality TV Show…

The Amazing Race won the Emmy for the most Outstanding Reality Competition Program, beating last year’s winner The Voice as well as Dancing With The Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef.

It has won ten out of the twelve times.

At the Creative Emmys last week Shark Tank won for Outstanding Reality Show (Structured) and Deadliest Catch for the unstructured category.

It would appear there are more male voters in the Emmy’s as both these show probably appeal more to men.

However Jane Lynch won best reality TV host for her role on Hollywood Games Night. I have no idea what that show is but should look it up.

Here are a couple of the reality ladies on the red carpet:

padma emmy 2014 guilana rancic Cat Deeley emmy

August 27, 2014   10 Comments