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OPEN POST: What Traditions Do You Do At Christmas Time?

I have to confess I am not that much of a Christmassy person, but over the years a few little traditions have crept in. Ours is cooking gingerbread with the kids but Miss 10 is keen to try a gingerbread house which to be honest is way out of my skill set.

The other tradition we have is taking to kids into the city to see all the Christmas trees and of course see Santa to get the annual photo taken. On Christmas Day we go to the in-laws and have lunch and the same menu is served year in year out which we all enjoy. It is cold turkey and ham with lots of salads and dessert is pavlova and the Greek sweet custard Galaktoboureko. We are not Greek but just like it.

What Christmas traditions and recipes have become entrenched in your household? Please share links to recipes if you wish.

December 5, 2014   91 Comments

OPEN POST – Aussie Exploitation Films From The ’70’s On World Movies


Nostalgia time. This just popped into my inbox and I thought a few readers would love to know and discuss this. Remember Alvin Purple? Mad Dog Morgan? Well there is going to be a week of them on World Movies which.

The press release below:

Starting from next Monday 17 November, each night features insights, anecdotes and the wildest film trivia from the encyclopaedic mind of TV and film historian Andrew Mercado, filmed exclusively (in the grit of the outback) for World Movies.

Featuring the wild, untold-story documentary Not Quite Hollywood – which includes interviews with over eighty Australian, American and British actors, directors, screenwriters and producers and features Ozploitation fan Quentin Tarantino – this week-long celebration of Australian new-wave cinema includes exploitation cult-classics Alvin PurpleRoad GamesStoneMad Dog Morgan and the provocative Felicity.

“The best part about growing up in the 1970s was being there for the rebirth of the Australian film industry. All the kids wanted to see R-rated movies like Alvin Purple, but pre-video, all I could do was ride my bike to the local drive-in and watch from outside the barbwire fence!” said host Andrew Mercado.

“Movies like Alvin Purple were huge box office hits but shunned by the film elite of the day who preferred proper period pieces like Picnic at Hanging Rock. I am so excited to present these films and remind people that we once had a robust film industry that made many great Aussie flicks.”

Bung another snag on the barbie, have your Esky at arms reach, and join Aussie Exploitation movie addict Andrew Mercado as he explores the grittiest films in Australian cult cinema every night on World Movies from Monday 17 November 9.30pm, with a special introductory screening of Not Quite Hollywood on Monday 17 November, 7.45pm (prior to the first film).

WM Cult: Aussie Exploitation airs exclusively on World Movies every night from Monday 17 November to Friday 21 November 9.30pm AED

November 13, 2014   1 Comment

OPEN POST: The Melbourne Cup Is On Tomorrow


OK open posts are back…. and it is Melbourne Cup time. Most people punt on this race but I have no idea who is the favourite who even to back.

Who do you guys fancy for the win? Or who will you be betting on?

I am expecting some intelligent advice from BDD on this one…..

Here is the field.

November 3, 2014   38 Comments

OPEN POST – A Mother Is A High Class Hooker – Social Media Melts

Last night’s Sunday program had the story of mother and journalist Amanda Goff telling her story of being a high class escort, because she is promoting her book Hooked – Secrets Of A High Class Escort.

I did not watch the show, but mainstream and social media have reacted to it.

To be honest I am mixed about it. I don’t care that she is an escort and good on her if she is making that much money to be able to look after her kids and not have to work on the week she has them. However I would say she should have been a tad more discreet about it for her childrens sake. Kids don’t even like the idea that their parents have sex so not sure how they would cope with the thought of her shagging multiple blokes.

But hopefully they will not be impacted to badly with the knowledge of this. However considering it is one of the worlds oldest professions you do wonder why there is still a stigma attached to it.

Your thoughts?

September 1, 2014   44 Comments

Open Post: Hosted By Jetstar’s Sassy Cabin Crew


I had the best laugh in ages with the news that a Jetstar cabin crew member announcing on the plane from the Gold Coast that there were police sniffer dogs at arrivals at Sydney airport and that anyone with any contraband might want to get rid of it in the toilets.

The plane had a lot of passengers returning from the music festival Splenour On The Grass. Needless to say apparently there was a rush to the toilets. There were not sniffer dogs at the airport so the passengers had been pranked. Of course Jetstar is not happy about the publicity this has created and the crew member is being disciplined (poor form Jetstar). Jetstar have also apologised. But it is unclear to whom. Was it to the passengers who needlessly flushed their contraband down the loo? Somehow I doubt it.

Though it does beg the question who brings drugs back from a music festival? Full story here. 

July 30, 2014   3 Comments