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Big Brother – Ben Is Back

Tully clinging to Ben when he returned to the house telling him she had cried all night for him. The other housemates noticed and were not happy. Ed was talking about it in the spa with Jade and Tim saying she emotionally hijacked situations and that her reaction to Ben’s return was over the top. Tim said “Seriously get some salt to get that leech off.

Jade of course said nothing.

Tim also told Big Brother in the diary room that he was glad Ben had returned but now he had to work out how to beat him.

Ed is starting to strategise and he wants Tim out. He was asking Mikkayla, the sugar sister and Jade what the difference was between Tahan’s behaviour and Tim’s. Mikkayla said Tim did not realise he was doing it. Ed told them that he thought it was the same. However a few minutes earlier he had been telling them that Tahan was alright when you got to know her.

Jade did not join into the conversation. Jade is just cruising along and trying to be strategic. Expect her to stick like glue to Tim after she came to the conclusion that people that were not friends with him were being eliminated. Tim agreed with her and told her that she and Drew were the only ones that had realised this. Not sure how his theory stacks up regarding the elimination of Matt and Ben last week.

I was sad when Mikkayla was saying how she does not like looking Asian. She has very low self esteem. She also said she was contemplating getting eye surgery.

Tully and Drew are definitely more then friends there was footage of them pashing under the doona.  Surely Tully must realise her girlfriend will have dumped her. I will laugh if after Tully is eliminated that she reunites with her and when Drew exits the house Tully is not interested.

The intruders are coming and they are two guys with beards. Is Big Brother infiltrating the house with hipsters?


1 Pam { 09.21.13 at 11:14 pm }

Good night all. Thank you for your insight into BB. We may disagree at times, but in the end “The Winner Takes It All”