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Sunday Reality Tidbits

Sonia Kruger Splitting From Her Husband James

Apparently the separated at the end of last year with heavy workloads cited as the cause of the break up. No third parties have been named. They were married for six years. Full story Sunday Telegraph.

Johnathan Pease Has Had His Role Downsized In Australia’s Next Top Model

Johnathan Pease who is the “photoshoot director” on AuNTM has had his role reduced due to concerns he was to flirtatious with the very young model’s last season. Also rumours circulating last year that he was dating a school girl has also not helped his reputation. Considering I have not seen him do to much directing at the shoots, I don’t think his reduced role will be missed.

Axle Whitehead Joins Home And Away Cast.

The former Australian Idol alumni will play bad boy rocker Liam Murphy on the show. He will debut on the show on March 5. He said an the article here that he was surprised that Channel Ten sacked him after the famous ARIA penis flashing incident.

Logie Nominations Now Open

TV Tonight has a list of who you can vote for in this year’s logies. So You Think You Can Dance is up for best reality TV show, as is Natalie Bassingthwaite for Gold Logie, and Silver Logie for best presenters.

Bonnie Lythgoe the judge from So You Think You Can Dance will be particularly pleased that fans can vote for her as best new Female TV talent, with Matt Lee also in the male section of the best new talent Logie.


1 bella vita { 02.09.09 at 9:56 pm }

Good ole Axel…still plugging away that Aria’s incident. He is the only person of any of the Top 30’s to still have a career in the good luck to him!.

Interesting news about Jonathan Pease…yes i agree that bad publicity hasnt done him any favours. Also I guess because Sarah Murdoch is now not only the host, but the producer, she doesnt want her show to cause any more dramas…especially cause her image has always been squeaky clean.

Im not voting for Natalie for the Logies nor Bonnie. Havent decided as yet, but would love to see Project Runway or ANTM win the big one…

2 kim at allconsuming { 02.09.09 at 11:21 pm }

I wish they’d get rid of Pease all together. That man makes my neck itch.

3 Reality Raver { 02.09.09 at 11:32 pm }

Kim – I don’t think Pease adds anything of value to the show. He turns up says a few lines and stands behind the camera.
Bella Vita – I would love to see Project Runway win but it won’t as it has such a small audience.

4 Anonymous { 02.10.09 at 4:59 am }

Wow, I can’t believe Natalie is nominated, she’s not so bad this season, but last season she was just the definition of incompetent.

Not that the Logies mean much anyway.