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Reality Tidbits: Tuesday Evening

Tully writes in that she feels that that the housemates were more genuine on last year’s Big Brother when she was on it.  (Source:

In this interview, Dion from Big Brother the way Katie and Lisa talked to Skye was almost bullying. (Source:

Pete Evans has another Facebook meltdown about Paleo and how evil the Heart Foundation is. He sure knows how to get publicity. But I did note he refused to go on the Project when he could be at the beach with his kids. (Source: SMH)

Michael John’s the Aussie guy who was on American Idol, may have died of alcohol abuse not a blood clot. (Source: TMZ)

Survivor’s Brad Culpepper is being sued by an insurance company claiming a disability fraud he made was fraud as he must have past mental and physical medicals to get on Survivor. (Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Allessandro Ambrosio, a model, is going to be a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Nathaniel Willemse will be supporting Mariah Carey on her tour in Australia. (Source: Daily Mail)




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Big Brother Australia – To Think They Say That Editing Has No Impact

Well Katie did get the elimination edit this week, as she was the second one gone in the double eviction. Travis was the first to be made safe and Lisa was very upset when it was announced that her best buddy in the house was gone.

Lisa and Katie had thought Cat was the one who was going to be eliminated this week, and Lisa must be wondering how she is now perceived by the public considering Katie is her best buddy.

Priya made an interesting comment prior to the elimination when she wondered who Lisa would turn into her best buddy. It isn’t going to be Skye, so she will probably hang more with Aisha.

A strong personality has left the house, as she did get a lot of air time. Even tonight we saw her saying that Lawson is feeding into Cat’s crush. Katie  also said she would never go for a guy with another girl, but then she said she does not like people who talk behind peoples backs.

What the hell is going on with the Skye, Lisa, Jake love triangle with Skye and Jake snogging. Clearly his huge crush on Lisa has abated.

Katie had no idea that she was being called Queen Bee in the house so she must be glad she took the $10,000 now. Katie said Travis was in love with Aisha, whilst she was only having fun. She also revealed that Travis tried to kiss her.

Katie also said Sandra and Sam have a great bond and that is all it is. She also added that Sandra has decided not to have a crush on him. Her pick to win was Sam or Sandra.

The viewer got to see the new intruder who is another meathead, he claims to work on his intellect by reading but to him this might mean the Harry Potter series. Hopefully the girls will go nuts over him to add another story line, but it would be great to see an ordinary guy enter the house. Ordinary guys like Lawson, and Jason are adding a fair bit to the house. And when the fans said they wanted more diversity they did not mean Canadian.

September 30, 2014   33 Comments

Masterchef’s Hayden Quinn Gets His Own TV Show On Lifestyle Food

Cleo Bachelors 2012 - Hayden Quinn

Hayden Quinn will be back on the small screen when he fronts a new show The Dinner Project on Lifestyle Food.

Quinn who was in Masterchef Australia series three show will premieres  Sunday, November 2 at 7.00pm on LifeStyle FOOD, only on Foxtel.

He’ll move in with six families around Australia to develop an understanding of what their lives are like and what the cooking obstacles are. In six half hour episodes he will do meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More information:

There are six common issues that hinder Australians in the kitchen. Hayden researches the lifestyles and nuances of everyday Australians to inspire and create delicious meals in the kitchen.  There’s the ‘skill’s poor’ with Lani, a young Melbourne foodie who eats out more than in; the ‘budget conscious’ with Digby and Daniel,  a couple of struggling students from Geelong; the ‘time poor’ with Kath and Seb, a busy family of 5 from Hammondville; the ‘knowledge poor’ with Chris, a Mine Rescuer and his family from Newcastle; the ‘nutrition poor’ with Lyn and Pete, the Gold Coast empty-nesters and the ‘ideas poor’ with Sally and Peter, cattle and sheep farmers from Armidale.

 Expect a lot of meat as the show is being produced in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia, exclusively for Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD channel.

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Dancing With The Stars – Starts Tonight Tuesday 29 September

Fans of Dancing With The Stars  will be pleased that the show premieres tonight on SEVEN. However the first episode nearly goes for three hours, so my advice is record and scroll through all the filler.

The host is Daniel Macpherson and co-host is Edwina Bartholomew. The judges this year are Adam Garcia, Todd McKenney, Helen Richey and Kym Johnson.

The cast is:

RICKI-LEE – Singer/Songwriter, dancing with Jarryd Byrne

ASHLEY HART – Supermodel, partnered with Julz Tocker making his DWTS debut

TORAH BRIGHT – Olympic snowboarding champion, dancing with newcomer, Robbie Kmetoni

KYLY CLARKE – Presenter/Model, partnered by Damian Whitewood

APRIL ROSE PENGILLY – Actress, dancing with Aric Yegudkin

LYNNE McGRANGER – Home and Away actress, partnered by Carmelo Pizzino

The males are:

EAMON SULLIVAN – Olympic swimmer, dancing with Ash-Leigh Hunter

MATT COOPER – NRL Legend, dancing with Masha Belash

DAVID RODAN – AFL Star, partnered by Melanie Hooper

TAI HARA – Actor from Home and Away, paired with DWTS newcomer Jorja Freeman

MARK HOLDEN – 1970s Pop Idol, to dance with Jessica Prince


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Now Casting – Do You Like Watching TV At Home?

Now I know the answer to this is going to be YES! This could be the TV show you are looking for, they are calling it the “People’s View” but it is looking like it is going to be an Australian version of Gogglebox. If it is not Gogglebox then it is something very similar.

The show which is a big hit in the UK films people watching TV at home and their reactions to it.

Huh? Your thinking how can that be entertaining but below is a YouTube clip of what the show is about.

Here is the drill:
They are casting for new TV show in Sydney and Melbourne.
They are looking for people who LOVE TV; have a great sense  of humour and more than happy to share their opinions.
Do you think you’d be interested in listing it as part of your entertainment/TV goss ?
And by the looks of it you can swear which counts me in, but  my kids are too young to be on TV so you guys better start applying.
Go here if you want to apply 

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