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Shanina Shaik Rumoured To Be Coming A Victoria Secret Model

MagXone has an article saying Shanina Shaik runner-up of Make Me A Supermodelmay be coming a Victoria Secret model. This is quite a coup considering half the contestants on America’s Next Top Model cite this as one of their ambitions. Also article states Shanina can be seen in latest Mens Style magazine.

An Age Article on Ten Years Younger In Ten Days – Actual Thought It A Bit Nasty

Writer Catherine Deveny in an article in The Age writes about the TV show Ten Years Younger In Ten Days. I am not sure what tone she is trying to set but it comes across as nasty and not funny. I think what  she is trying to say is the show is condescending to the participants. But I found her comments saying they were ugly quite unkind.

Entertainment Weekly’s List Of The Top 20 Reality TV Shows Of All Time

EW has listed its 20 best reality TV shows ever. As it is American there are some that have not been shown over here, though I am surprised So You Think You Can Dance did not make the top 20. Survivor was number one, with The Amazing Race number two. Interesting as fans of these two shows are still waiting for the latest series to be shown here in Australia.

EW also did a 10 worst reality TV shows – thankfully few of these made our screens.

Popeater decided they could list 10 more worst ever reality TV shows, and Temptation Island Australia pops up on it. They also mention My Kid Is A Star the US version, but the Australian version also deserves to be on that list.

Kristy Hinze Plans To Have Children With Husband Jim Clark

The Herald Sun indicates that Kristy Hinze host of Project Runway is wanting to start a family with husband Jim Clark. She revealed this when they were promoting a documentary he produced called The Cove. The married couple are madly in love.

Sarah Wilson Discusses Her Chronic Health Difficulties

The Herald Sun has an interview with MasterChef Australia host Sarah Wilson, where she talks how healthy lifestyle and eating has been helpful with dealing with Hashimoto’s disease. The article also says she went on a date with celebrity chef Curtis Stone.

Wes Carr Getting Great Reviews For His Concert In Adelaide

Adelaide Now gives a rave review to Australian Idol winner Wes Carr. Well done he deserves it.

American Idol Runner-Up Is Accused Of Being A Diva

Socialite Life reports Adam Lambert is reputed to be acting like a diva. Not sure of the validity of the claims.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 06.07.09 at 12:05 pm }

Catherine Deveny. Possibly meant to be humorous? But outright nasty.

2 abc { 06.07.09 at 5:36 pm }

Do you think that Sarah Wilson’s non-appearances on Masterchef might be linked to her health problems?

3 2-minute Noodle Cook { 06.07.09 at 7:48 pm }

I hope Sarah is OK. I thought she looked really tired. There’s a strong connection between the celiac disease and those with Hashimoto disease (hyPOthyroidism). People who suffer from Hashimoto often have celiac disease or some sensitivity to gluten. There’s research out there that says that if you reduce/abstain from gluten, the antibodies will stop attack on the thyroid.

4 Laura { 06.08.09 at 1:00 am }

As a Perth girl I don’t really know who this Catherine lady is but from the articles I have read she seems patronising, condescending, misinformed, narrow-minded and mean-spirited. She is clearly catering purely to those who already agree with her views, rather than presenting a balanced, convincing argument, which indicates a lack of skill, talent and intelligence on her part. Ugh.