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Kyle Sandilands Apparently Has $2.2 Million In Debts

Woman’s Day has a story that says Kyle even though he is on the big bucks like to spend money, and if his income declines too much he could lose everything. I think Women’s Day are whipping it up a bit.

He has lost $1 million from his Australian Idol gig. But chances of him being sacked from Austereo are slim as he and Jackie O topped the ratings this morning.

America’s Next Top Model – Kourtnie Eliminated

Here is an elimination interview with Kourtnie who bowed out of the competition last night on Australian TV screens. I did not even realise she was plus size.

Clem Bastow in The Vine has written this great blog on America’s Next Top Model which just about sums up why it is so watchable.

The Real Story Behind Paula Abdul’s Departure From American Idol

The NY Times has a story with a lot of background on why Paula Abdul departed from Idol. In summary they would have had her back, but were not going to die in a ditch if she didn’t return. Oh and her new manager may be a bit of a dick.

However she may be getting a guest spot on Ugly Betty see here. Is Ugly Betty still a popular show?

Idol are more concerned about keeping snarky judge Simon Cowell who is rumoured to be getting paid $45 million a year (Source here.)

Posh Spice has done some guest judging but she may not a fulltime gig if the rumour that she was wooden at the auditions in Denver are true.

Katy Perry, who is currently in Australia, is also rumoured to be a guest judge.

Dancing With The Stars Fiona O’Loughlin Is Eliminated

Comedian Fiona O’Loughlin is the latest person to be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. Hopefully it help distract her while she was beating alcohol addiction.

Clare Venema Fan’s In England

With downloads and torrents it means that Australian Reality TV shows can be seen all over the world. And it appears Clare has some english fans. Go to this blog for some great photos of Clare.

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