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Fame – The Ultimate High School Musical – The Auditions

I don’t usually start my posts with a warning, however considering most of the people on this show are under 18, there is to be no cyber bullying.

Now we have the housekeeping over let’s discuss the episode. It must have been exciting for the school kids Essendon Keillor College even if they were not going to audition, and given the school a good energy.

Hopefully Ruby Rose will lose her nerves and relax into her role as host, as some lines felt a bit fake and forced. Eddie Perfect will direct the show, Kelly  Aykers will be choreographer, and Anthony Callea is singing coach.

This episode was all about the auditions, which because it involved school kids was different to most other shows where it is a bit of a blood sport. Obviously Ruby and Anthony could not be crushing towards the kids.

Zach looks like he is going to be one of the 25 picked;

Tess looked like a younger version of Charlotte Dawson who surprisingly got through to the dance auditions,

Cassie rocked Lady Marmalade and I thought she had the best voice of the day.

I have to confess I think if you were not a student at the school, or knew someone in the school the first episode was pretty boring.

Your thoughts?


1 bella vita { 04.21.10 at 1:34 am }

Considering I know a few of the kids in tonights episode, I still cringed at parts!!

Honestly, some of these kids are gonna cop it at school tomorrow which I think is totally unfair.
Well done to Fox 8 however, who have chosen a school with a poor demographic (Dont let the name “Essendon” make you think rich…it is one of the worst schools in the West of Melbourne academically) but has an excellent music department.

The show was finished with filming in late Jan, and the quality of the final show was fairly average, however kudos to go to those who this will really be a memory of a lifetime.

Ruby is pathetic as host…fake, forced and not would I would consider to be a role model for “her school musical” as she kept reffering. Considering she can’t sing, dance or act, I think she is in no position to judge.

Anthony always tends to forget his humble beginnings (Werribee anyone?) and considering he was a Vocal Coach before his Idol days, really should not have put quite a few of them through.
Anthony as choice of Vocal Coach is no coincidence that he has an album due later in the year.

The whole process from what I saw and heard was a little unfair. Some of those you saw tonight that couldnt sing, actually get through…while the actual great singers and dancers missed out.

Anyway, look forward to watching the rest of the series.

For interest sakes for you Jason Coleman fans/haters…the choreographer Kelly Akers WAS his business partner at Ministry of Dance before they had a huge falling out last year after 20 years of friendship. She has now opened her own school in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs and from what I have heard, is an excellent and respected teacher.

2 Taz { 04.24.10 at 2:39 pm }

I really enjoyed this first episode of the show.

Anthony Callea was excellemt, in that he allowed for the nerves of the students and as well as those who shone at the ausditions also put through some who may not have been perfect, but also some who he could tell from his years of experience as a vocal coach and as a very successful artist, could be trained into competent singers.

The kids are great, and can only improve with the wonderful coaching in singing, dance and acting that the mentors will provide.

I also loved that *all* the ‘adults’ were so warm and ‘normal’, whick must make them a lot more approachable for the kida.

Imagine getting taught dance by one the county’s finest dancer/choreographers, stage craft by one of our most innovative actor/directors and singing by one of Australia’s most talented and successsful singers…lucky students!

3 jezza { 04.24.10 at 5:06 pm }

I really enjoyed the first episode, I loved seeing how excited all the kids were who were put through. Also great to see that those who did not get through were told in a positive way, so different to other shows. I think that in choosing those to go through both Ruby and Anthony would have ideas on the roles that were required for the show and this would have been taken into account somewhat when putting them through. I am sure there were dancers who could not sing quite as well as some others but if they thought their vocals could be worked with then it was worth putting them through to the next round. Also there were probably kids with the personality to go out in front of others and play the role required and if they felt their vocals could also be worked with were put through ahead of others more vocally proficient. Anthony has played roles in at least three musicals now and I am sure from his own auditions learnt some ideas of what is required for putting on this show. Possibly Ruby to a lesser extent, however all those put through had to also audition for the dancing and next week the acting so the final decisions will be a combinationa of all the selectors. So I believe in the end the right kids would have been chosen.

4 Cris { 04.29.10 at 11:28 pm }

I’m really enjoying this show, you should stick with it RR, episode 2 was just great. Its really a well put together show, talented mentors, Eddie Perfect and Anthony Callea were so good with the kids. They picked the cast this week and I’m looking forward to watching their progress over the following weeks. Luckilly they replay on Foxtel a few times over each week, its definately well worth a watch.

5 Reality Raver { 04.29.10 at 11:31 pm }

Cris – I have it taped so will recap over the next 24 hours, it just got wiped out by Masterchef and Survivor – sorry

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