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Foxtel Launch – New Melbourne Housewives And Selling Houses Australia Is Now Up To Season 8

Foxtel had their big launch in Sydney last night and it was big. It kicked off with a very amusing Wentworth sneak peek parody, which really should be put up on YouTube but unfortunately it won’t be.

Reality wise the Housewives of Melbourne were there including the two new ones Gamble and Pettifleur. They both looked like they had just walked off the set off the Beverly Hills Housewives. After speaking to Gamble she is really lovely and pretty canny and also a quick chat to Pettifleur made me suspect she was going to bring the drama in season 2. And no that is not a negative thing. The other housewives were there hanging out together and looking fabulous, but what I noticed that Gina was at the other end of the party with her own posse. So not sure the love is there between her and the others even though Andrea is no longer in the series.

Shaynna Blaze was there with her two side kicks Andrew Winter and Charlie Alibone and it is not Season 8 Selling Houses Australia. Quite a feat considering it is still the highest rating show on Foxtel. You have to wonder how Shaynna could possibly top 2014 for her with two seasons of The Block, Selling Houses and Selling Houses Extreme plus all her ambassadorships. I asked her now if she ever gets any time off and she reveal she has only had two weeks off this year and will take two weeks over Christmas. After asking if we would see Selling Houses Extreme again Charlie said he hoped off as “it nearly killed him”.

Linda Evangelista was a big name there as the launch was in sync with her filming of her guest judge role on Australia’s Next Top Model this will be on Fox 8 next year.

In other reality TV news:

  • Gogglebox the new reality TV show where we watch people watching TV in their homes will screen on Lifestyle Channel;
  • The Australian version of Pawn Stars will be on A&E, it will involved people from the chain Happy Hockers;
  • River Cottage Australia with Paul West is back for a third season;
  • Grand Designs will be back for a fifth season.

Foxtel is all over technology and the different way people are and will be watching TV in the very near future. You can watch it on all your devices when you want with Foxtel Go.

But for the traditional folks like myself I was very happy to hear about the new IQ3 coming soon. It will mean I can tape three shows at once and watch a fourth. Also it will be wifi enabled so will be able to access the new box set channel and if I miss a show can go back 24 hours on the guide to watch it. Yes I will be an early adopter.

They also said new packages will be announced this week. Which will be good for people wanting to sign up but will make me realise how much I am overpaying on my package.


October 31, 2014   3 Comments

Award Winning Gogglebox Coming To Foxtel And TEN

Gogglebox the television show taking the UK by storm is coming to Australia and it will air on pay TV and TEN.

The show a huge hit and also an award winner will capture the reactions of ordinary Australians as they watch TV. Twelve households will be chosen and then rigged with special, locked off cameras to capture every  moment. It will air both on Foxtel and TEN.

In the presser Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, said: “Gogglebox is a game changer for Australian television. It is one of the most unique and entertaining formats I have seen in many years. The show is bound to create some new favourite faces and I’m certain the 12 households will become popular in their own right as we get to know them better each week. There really is nothing else like it on television and we are delighted to partner with Network Ten for this terrific new addition to our lineup for 2015.”

For once the media release is not exaggerating.

The people that are on the show in the UK are stars with rumours some might be getting their own shows.

Applications are still open.

Wondering what it is see a snippet below:

October 31, 2014   9 Comments

Big Brother – Marina Is More Interesting Out Of The House Then In

Marina has been giving good interview since she has been out of the house, in fact she has been more  entertaining out then in.

Here are some juicy bits from her interviews:

From Your TV Marina On Skye:

“She’s not as dumb as she pretends to be,” the 30-year-old nurse revealed to TheFIX after being booted from the show last night.

“I guarantee she’s a big player and the fact that she is so popular; I’m not sure how much of that player attitude Australia is seeing… She is in this game to win.”

Consistently voted as the most saved, it’s clear that the 20-year-old from the Gold Coast is Australia’s favourite housemate right now. But Adelaide gal Marina, who was able to watch some episodes prior entering the house as an intruder, says she saw a different side to Skye upon meeting her.

“I think she gets away with a lot of things in the house that the others would never get away with,” she observed.

“Being the youngest and the cutesy-wootsy blonde chicky-babe, she’s definitely playing up the fact that ‘oh I’ve had a bit too much to drink so I don’t remember’. Or she’s very inquisitive and she knows how to get information out of people, however when you ask her things she will say ‘I don’t know’, or she’ll start talking then cut her sentence half way and go ‘Oh what was I talking about?'”

Like some other the other housemates who have cited similar concerns, Marina says she sees through Skye’s act. “She plays up the bimbo image, which she doesn’t actually want to be seen as. So she completely contradicts herself. Then she’ll come out with a strategic statement about a person and people go, ‘Whoa! Where did that come from?'”

From – Marina talks about Travis and Aisha:

“Aisha is very mature for her age and she’s very independent, while Travis is very young and completely childish,” she said.

“He doesn’t have an off switch. He just goes and goes. Aish is the grown up. I love them both but it’s going to be tough. They live in different cities for starters.”

Aisha had even confided in her about the “touchy feely” behaviour, saying it frustrated her, Rakovskaia said.

“He needs to be extremely careful with his flirting. He’ll lose Aisha if he doesn’t watch himself. She’ll crack it if he goes near those new intruders.

He is often seen lounging around with other girls, cuddling and kissing them and while it’s probably innocent, she has no doubt it makes Aisha uncomfortable.

From the Daily Mail about Travis kissing Skye:

What is interesting in this article in the Daily Mail (Big Brother’s Marina reveals that while the cameras weren’t rolling Travis kissed and touched a BRALESS Skye in the pool behind girlfriend Aisha’s back) What do they mean the cameras were off? But the issue of the cameras not being on was not elaborated in the article. Maybe they are cost cutting due to the lack of episodes?

Anyway the article says:

Reflecting on one particular incident in the house that escaped viewers’ eyes, Marina revealed that Skye has caught his eye.

‘His relationship with Skye is super weird,’ she said, going on to say that there was a particular incident where his sleezy behaviour was left etched in her mind.

‘His relationship with her is touchy feely. He pushed her into the pool and they went in together. He knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra and was touching her and kissing her neck.’

Marina said that she witnessed the incident alongside Skye’s love interest, Leo and that funnily enough, Aisha wasn’t present.

‘Travis is definitely the flirt and I feel like Aisha is putting up with it for now. I just really wish that he really realised how his behaviour is affecting her.’

In Marina’s eyes, she says that the couple’s relationship is ‘real’ and progressing, telling DMA that the pair have even spoken about having children together.

October 30, 2014   12 Comments

Big Brother Australia – David Is A I’m Not Sexist But….Kind Of Guy

David seems to think that because his best friend is a girl that he is not sexist. Considering he has never had a relationship it seems strange that he thinks he know women.

Anyway is inadequacies in this area were again on show on Big Brother last night when he was communicating with Priya in the pool.

He said “Sometimes it is easier to shut your mouth with women and let them tear shreds off ya”. said David. Tom, Travis and Richards were like a Greek chorus behind him standing over Priya as she sat in the pool.

Priya then reported to Aisha and Skye that David said “I don’t have to look around if women talk to me?”.  Which was not true but considering they had to subtitle it for the viewer to hear might have been what she thought he said. Aisha consoled her saying he was showing off in from of the new housemates

Priya decided she needed a one on one with David. She said “I just felt like shit back there. I had four guys chanting ‘defence, defence, defence'”.

He apologised and then said he thinks there is a cultural difference. He said “Not everything is a personal dig… there can be a lot of things that are a joke and people take jokes differently.” Priya said “I got that”. She said this is not Australian culture. She should have just said that you’re an arsehole David.

She also told Travis, Richard and Tom in the gym. Travis said “He thought it was friendly banter”. He then bitched about apologising with Ryan. Ryan who was not there said “There is no way you were disrespecting a woman”.

Ryan has decided Skye is his new BFF, as he was talking her up to Richard, probably realising how popular she is on the outside. He also said he did not think she was as stupid as she came across.

Lina asked Tom and Richard which of the girls attracted them in the house and she was disappointed they did not say her. Tom said Aisha and Richard said Cat. Lina said Leo has the best body. Lina is looking interesting.

Skye was having a meltdown about the no sleep challenge and was a like a dobbing child weeping to Big Brother saying that Travis said that if she was going to be like this she would be booted out. She acknowledged she was a brat. Skye is clever she acknowledges her bad behaviour and also is quick to communicate with new housemates. In fact she communicates with all the house mates. But does she ever do any housework?

Travis, Leo, Cat and Priya were the new neighbours and they were trying to be  OK about it probably helped that it meant they were now out of the sleeping challenge. Leo was pining for Skye and she was fine without him, as was Lawson who was almost joyous with Cat being shifted in there. Aisha was saying she was OK but probably because she new Trav would not be hitting on either Cat or Priya.

Seriously can Penny just go as she is so dumb she is not even adding anything to the house, the wombat biting her story was not ever amusing.

October 30, 2014   71 Comments

Reality Tidbits Wednesday – Including Nova Peris, The Bachelor And My Kitchen Rules

Nova Peris (yes she was on reality show Celebrity Overhaul) is in a spot of bother with leaked emails. It is related to funding, extramarital affairs and next time she meets Cathy Freeman it is going to be a little awkward. But really how do these emails leak? (Source:

A post had drafted but did not publish for awhile is now buried pages back, if you want to know which of the Masterchef Alumni has cookbooks out you should read it. (Source: Reality Ravings)

The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg speaks about the Blake Garvey sage and brings no insight to the issue at all. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Amber from The Bachelor is still creating controversy posting what has been deemed a pro-anorexic photo on instagram. (Source:

My Kitchen Rules had been sold to 160 countries which is more then Masterchef….(Source:

Next Top Model’s Simon Holtznagel has a US Guess campaign and now she is modelling for a local lingerie company her career appears to be on the up. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Snooki has had a baby girl and here are the photos for all two of you that are interested. (Source:

Lara Bingle pregnancy rumours continue and she has landed back in Sydney. Will it be announced via a magazine deal? (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Because when you go to jail this is what you really freak out out – your hair extensions. Teresa Guidice is concerned her hair will look too thin. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ajay Rochester dressed as a twerking Miley Cyrus for Halloween, things are on the up for Ajay with news she has signed for a new reality show, possibly related to her new health kick. (Source: Daily Mail)

Dlisted has a good round up on the continuing saga aka mess that is this Honey Boo and child sex offender story. And Radar online have managed to get their hands on the original police report and it ain’t pretty. (Source: Dlisted)

Big Brother is going to China, this could be interesting hopefully SBS will pick it up. (Source: ABC news)

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