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The Amazing Race – Poland

It was a continuation of a leg this week unfortunately for Chris and Anastasia as they had landed on the mat first but were then sent on their way to Krakow, Poland.

However, lucky for the Farmers as they were the last to land on the pit stop and it meant their race would continue.

It must have been cold in the church where Grant Bowler was standing as he had cold smoke blowing out of his mouth. In fact the whole of the leg the weather looked pretty hideous.

The teams had to take the train to Krakow, Poland.

Nathan hinted at the Tyler and Sam romance as he said Tyler was happy she was on the train. But it wasn’t all fairy floss and rainbows for Tyler as their bum bag was stolen. Renae found it in another cabin with their money stolen but their passports intact.

The first team’s train arrived at Krakow at 3.00am, and the train with the WA bikies and the farmers on it arrived at 6.30am.

First up was a Roadblock in this most incredible Wieliczka salt mine, where miners had carved art works into the walls. It was the salt equivalent of the sistine chapel. They had to find a key to unlock a vault.

Nathan was apparently claustrophobic, and was feeling anxious. He was also peeved when Luke found the key and wouldn’t show him what it looked like. Nathan thought he should have showed them. On the other hand Nathan and Tyler have ran top three for all of the legs, so if you were on the race you would want them to be eliminated at some point.

Next was a detour – Herd or Hoe down.

Herd was where you had to build a sheep pen and herd three marked sheep into it or hoe down was where you had to learn the Polish Axe dance.

All teams did herd.

Jeff and Luke were having trouble reading the map to get to the sheep, as were Chris and Anastasia and he said “I would smash the navigation.. I would never make a mistake in my life.”. He then called her a retard.

The WA models got to the sheep first. I did laugh when Jeff and Luke who thought they had a good sheep herding strategy lost all their sheep over a wood fence.

The farmers said it is not hard to crash tackle a sheep and get him in his prospective place. Ok guys time to get on Farmer Wants A Wife I think. In fact I read today that they had been approached a few times to be on that reality show.

It was then to an intersection where Renae and Sam and Chris and Anastasia had to work together. It was a killer of a challenge where they had to slice four pieces of wood with a flimsy wood cutter in the freezing cold.

It took Renae and Sam about an hour to do their bit, and then Chris and Anastasia had a crack. Anastasia found it too hard and kept on crying, and in the end they decided to take the time penalty.

Lucky for Renae and Sam they only got a 2 hour one, whereas the other team because they had not sliced through one bit had a four hour one.

Lucky for Nathan and Tyler they managed to score Jeff and Luke in the challenge. Whereas the farmers who never seem to show any frustration, got Dave and Kelly. It nearly took them the whole of the four hour penalty to complete.

Even after the crystal key incident, Nathan and Tyler decided to let Jeff and Luke onto the pitstop first as they knew they had been key in getting the sawing challenge finished.

Sam and Renae were third, with the WA bikers and Farmers making it just within Chris and Anasta

In the end Chris and Anastasia were eliminated.



1 AJ { 07.05.11 at 8:48 am }

Good to see Chris eliminated, although now all the remaining teams are pretty bland and uninteresting which may make future episodes a little dull.

The male models seem to have caught a very lucky break with only their money being stolen and then having the use of a car for the entire leg since they would have been screwed if they had to take a taxi or some form of public transport.

2 AnonyMousse { 07.05.11 at 8:59 am }

The surfers are going to have to ration their money like crazy on the next leg, if they don’t have a car to use. That log task seemed highly unfair to the physically weaker teams when you consider that even teams full of strong guys took hours to do it.

I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think we saw more of the father/sons’ personality in that one episode then all of the previous episodes combined.

3 AngelSN86 { 07.05.11 at 10:20 am }

AntonyMousse- I was thinking about that, the fact that the log task was geared towards a team of all males. And ideally, the teams should’ve been more balanced out. But the rules were that each contestant had to make at least one cut, because each pairing had to be different. So, either way, Anastasia still would’ve had to do a cut. So, long-term, yes they would’ve been slower anyway because they had the 3 girls. But they still would’ve taken a penalty even if they had an all-male team paired up with them, because Anastasia couldn’t do it. Which is ridiculous, considering that the other 2 girls did it on their own and Anastasia couldn’t do it paired up with a guy.

The surfers/father-son team were the only ones to do it properly/fairly. As in, each contestant in that team did 2 cuts. They each did one in their teams and then each surfer did it with one of the father-son team. Can’t recall the actual pairings.

So happy to see the farmers stay in though. And glad to see Chris and Anastasia gone. So much for the spoilers I found saying they made the final and the surfers were gone in this episode. But it does make Lara Bingle’s slipped spoiler seem more likely.

4 littlepetal { 07.05.11 at 11:03 am }

Since it can take so long to cut the logs, having a 4 hrs penalty for not competing the task is not fair. If Chris and team has throw in the towel earlier, Chris and Anastasia would have made it. I think the penalty time should be longer for more difficult task.

Did you hear Chris calling Anastasia a retard??? Ladies out there should stay away from him.

5 KatInEurope { 07.05.11 at 5:27 pm }

If the farmers, especially Matt, were going to be on “Farmer Wants A Wife”, well, I’d have to talk with my man (who funnily enough is called Matt and actually looks a bit like him too ha ha ha ha).