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Reality Tidbits – Sunday

Nigella Lawson is officially divorced from her husband. (Source: USA Today)

Real Housewives New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Guidice have been charged with fraud. They are now out on $500,000 bail. (Source: D Listed)

Winner of design show HomeMade Jason Sullivan is rumoured to be dating Cameron Diaz, however one celeb website claims this can’t be true because he is prefers men. (Source: Demazive)

At first I was disappointed I had never thought of doing this article about the history of threesomes and reality TV, but realised I would not have the knowledge as most are on The Real World, Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore. (Source: Complex)

Not sure who made the worse call on this campaign PETA or Courtney Stodden. (Source:

Bondi Vet has been picked up by a USA Network. Chris Brown might be about to find a whole new fanbase. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Charlotte Dawson has stood down in her role of bullying ambassador. Her rationale was that a minority of people saw her role on Australia’s Next Top Model as a villain the same as being a bully.  (Source: TV Tonight)

Everyone one wants to know more about the mother of Simon Cowell’s baby, Lauren Silverman, but the editing on this story was weird. It tells her her affair at 16 years of age with her 26 year-old teacher. It made it sound like her fault when really you would think as a teacher in a position of responsibility should not be seducing a high school student. (Source: Daily News)

Elle Macpherson has married again to a billionaire. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Sunday Telegraph chats with Darren Robertson a judge/host of the new TEN show Recipe To Richesand Colin Fassnidge. Interestingly Colin says he thinks it is is large number of social media followers that got him the role on My Kitchen Rules. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

A former US Masterchef contestant had some sort of psychosis and thought Gordon Ramsay had inhabited his body. I hope he gets well soon. (Source: TMZ)

There has been some analysis done on the success or failure of restaurants after they have appeared on Kitchen Nightmares. (Source: Radar)




1 Lisa { 08.05.13 at 1:25 pm }

Yes, I’m one of those ones who thinks there’s a fine line between bully and villain. And that the excuse that it’s like that in the modelling world is flawed reasoning.

2 Anna { 08.05.13 at 2:53 pm }

Fass has a HUGE following on social media. Darren not as much as he is not as ‘chatty’ as Fass.

After this show the things might change, or he’ll run off to the snowys lol

3 Gabby { 08.05.13 at 3:08 pm }

Now Charlotte Dawson can honestly sleep at night knowing she is not falsely being an ambassador against bullying. Of all people to stand up against bully’s she should be the last. She is the biggest bully of the bully’s. Thank God she has at last seen sense and stood down from an honourable role.

4 Mahlia { 08.05.13 at 6:40 pm }

It’s a bit ironic that Charlotte Dawson was ever a bully ambassador. I’ve seen her engage bullies on her twitter which only encourages them. That’s the opposite advice an ambassador should be given.