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Reality Tidbits – Sunday

News Network TEN did not want to hear is there is a rumour their new The Bachelor, Tim Robards may not have been very single for very long and his single status may only be related to being on the show. (Source:

A huge turn out for The Block Sky Rise open for inspection day. But were there any buyers in there? (Source:

Elle Macpherson was a bridesmaid at her step-sisters wedding in Thailand, with Lara Bingle on the other side of the country in Phuket. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Interesting interview with a producer of reality TV about the authenticity of the genre. (Source: AV Club)

The X Factor is coming to our screens soon and Dani Minogue is hitting the publicity trail. Here is an interview with Kate Waterhouse. (Source: Brisbane Times)

The visiting “stars” from The Valley, a trashy show on MTV where the cast get drunk and hook up, appear to not be getting the five star treatment. They have been put up in Rydges in Bass Hill a suburb of Sydney. Apparently to be kept away from the temptations of the CBD. (Source: The Daily Telegraph)

The Voice runner-ups, Celia Pavey, Danny Ross and Luke Kennedy now have albums out. But last year’s contestant Ben Hazelwood has put out an EP called Loveless. (Source: The Daily Telegraph).

Former Australian Idol host James Mathison is rumoured to be a front runner to be a host on the new breakfast program on TEN. (Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Milton Jones from Keeping Up With The Jones is in a bit of bother with the sale of liquor to the indigenous commuinty at his pub up north. (Source: SMH)

UK Bake Off  judge, Paul Hollywood is still coping with the fall out from his marriage break up with his son getting ill according to The Sun. Also he is getting bad press for his business that went bust ten years ago. (Source: Daily Mail)

Mark Burnett the producer of Survivor has made a version of The Bible that is on NINE on Tuesday night and this review on TV Tonight suggests that maybe he should stick to producing reality. (Source: TV Tonight)


1 daisy { 07.28.13 at 11:27 am }

Fans of reality cooking shows, don’t forget “chefs put your menu where your mouth is” on 7two at 12.45.
Also “No Kitchen required” weeknights on SBS is interesting.

Both of these shows have real chefs battling it out in fun/interesting situations.

2 daisy { 07.28.13 at 11:29 am }

Also if you missed If You Are the One this week it is being replayed at 3.10 on SBS2.

3 daisy { 08.01.13 at 1:50 pm }

RR You need to widen your audience.
I just saw on the news that the Americans (won’t say yanks for PH’s sake) have invented dog TV.

I might get Raji a TAB.

4 Woof Woof { 08.01.13 at 2:00 pm }

RR My favourite RTV is The Dogs Whisperer”.
It is like the canine Dr Phil.