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ANTM – Smoking Bad, But Bullying And Victimisation Is Ok

If you hope that it is not possible to be beautiful and bright then watch the latest episode of Australia’s Next Top Model. The girls when they had to be brand representatives for V Australia were truly appalling and stupid. I thought Lola was the best. Her answer after being asked what it felt like to be a plus sized model was fine. I don’t know why she was crying considering a plus size model in the industry is a size 12.

At the other end of the spectrum, who else thinks Clare has an eating disorder? When she was modelling that Collette Dinnigan dress you could see her sternum and her collar bone was really prominent. However it is something they have not raised on camera.

Also it was the anti-smoking episode, ironic considering this is the modelling industry where so many people smoke. They were giving Cassi grief about it all through the episode, getting the journalist to tut tut at her, and going on about how puffed she was when jumping on the trampoline for the photo shoot.

So smoking is bad, but apparently humiliating someone for a day by making them someone’s slave is not? Cassi has been treated abominably by the show. I am sure the only reason they had Cassi as slave for a day was to try and make her  lose that famous temper of hers. Also will Lola Van Vorst be counselled about taking peoples possessions and throwing them into the pool. Apparently not.

What was with the judging of the photoshoot? When the girls were in front of them it was amazing, amazing, amazing. Get them out of the room and Sarah is saying I don’t get the Adele thing.

Charlotte was bagging out Lola, which was interesting as she looked like a clone of her tonight.

 Alex Perry was intimating that Franky was fat, when he said it looked like she would come down with a thud.

The only person they appeared to have consensus on was Tahnee who has the most amazing body. If curves are back in she is going to get a lot of modelling work.

Clare also came in for some criticism by the panel saying she looked a bit scary. And she does have the come back from the dead look sometimes. It would be nice to see some more animation from her at times, and a little colour on her face.

Lola was eliminated not surprisingly considering the hideous dress she had to wear. It was a cross between a miu miu, maternity dress and a chandelier.

Points to the journalist from NW  who kept a straight face when she said a journalist  job is to find out the truth, and keep a straight face. Considering NW and most of the weekly’sjust live on rumour and innuendo, and they get it wrong alot.

Minus points to Johnathan Pease and that hideous necklace he had at the fundraiser it had black feathers on it.

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1 Anonymous { 06.10.09 at 2:52 am }

lol of course they’re not going to tell Lola off for throwing things in the pool. They didn’t give a shit when Cassi assaulted Clare, so why would they care about that?

And of course Clare looks ill. She is ill. She was in hospital a few days before this shoot. Throughout the entire episode last week she was ill, you could see her face look grey. But we can’t have the audience knowing about that, can we? Because this is the boohoo Cassi is such victimised little duckling turning into a swan show.

2 Anonymous { 06.10.09 at 6:35 am }

PS – I totally forgot to say, this line is awesome. “It was a cross between a miu miu, maternity dress and a chandelier.” So true! 😀

3 Reality Raver { 06.10.09 at 5:07 pm }

Anon – Clare being sick must explain why she looked so placid and pale, she was probably just trying to hold it together. I would like to know why they have not let out she has been sick. It is drama in the house.

4 Anonymous { 06.10.09 at 5:51 pm }

Well personally, I think it is because they are pushing for a Tahnee win. Sarah has made it clear that she wants a + size model this year. (Not saying Tahnee’s fat, because she’s not, but in terms of fashion and body ratio she is actually bigger than Lola, who they all claim is too big. At least Lola had height.) So yeah, I firmly believe they aren’t showing these things because they don’t want viewers to sympathise with Clare. It’s not just the hospital stuff, but the fact that they completely glossed over Cassi abusing her, the bullying/bitching all of the girls do towards her when it’s completely unprovoked, whenever she gets praise from the professionals it is toned down (eg, when the photographer said that they would book her tomorrow, Charlotte immediately jumped in and said but all of the photos were great), even though she has clearly won some challenges they gave the win to other people, presumably for drama (eg, Frankie the winner of the last challenge – you can’t possibly say that anyone killed that runway besides Clare), they often criticise her over completely ridiculous things like being psycho – and totally ignore other models doing things that are way worse, any praise is restrained, etc.

I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories but I think this one is really blatant. I’m calling it now: eliminated next will be Frankie, then Adele, then Clare, leaving them with the top two as Cassi and Tahnee. The public will not vote for Cassi, leaving Sarah with her plus size model win in Tahnee.

5 Anonymous { 06.10.09 at 5:56 pm }

Sorry, I meant that you can’t say that anyone killed that catwalk more than Clare. I did think Adele did a good job too, but she lacks the finesse of Clare.

Also, more on the psycho front. They claim that Clare is creepy and that they can see her holding a knife in front of them in the middle of the night. All because of her otherworldly, alien look (which is highly regarded in the fashion industry). Yet Cassi can storm into somebody’s shower when that person is stark naked, physically intimidate them (remember, Cassi is the same age as Clare), and actually make PHYSICAL THREATS against her, yet the judges don’t even bat one fucking eyelash.

It makes me so angry. People have spoken about how this show has taken Cassi for a ride. And I do think it has, to a certain extent. But I actually feel that this show has damaged Clare more, and it’s evident from her post-show interviews, too.