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Dancing With The Stars – It Is The Titanic Of TV Shows – It Goes On and On

Dancing With The Stars has one major problem and that is it goes for far too long. Tonight the recording went for 160 minutes, and maybe if that is the only show you are going to watch on a Sunday night it may be OK, but if you want to watch something else it becomes a very long evening. There is far to much filler.

It was Mel B’s first night on the show, and it is a tough gig filling Sonia Kruger’s shoes who at times was more memorable than the hosts. Mel B was noticeably nervous and getting that relaxed banter going in the green room will take a few weeks.

The tension between the judges Joshua Horner and Todd McKenney continued. When Todd had those two other dolts sitting on the panel he was the witty one. But Joshua is taking over that role and I don’t think Todd likes it. Helen is a nice counterbalance between the pair. Also Todd McKenney won’t have made Channel 7 very happy when he joked that he had received a tweet from Sonia.

It was first night nerves for all the contestants and some fared better than others.

First up was Johnny Ruffo and Luda dancing the Cha Cha. In rehearsals she was telling him to keep his hip hop sticking his “package” out moves under control. However considering the cha cha is all about hip moves  personally I did not think it mattered. However lucky for Luda her new partner has a bit of rhythm and The X Factor contestant could be a dark horse in the series.

Joshua Horner who was back for his second season as a judge was quite funny when he noted that with Luda doing the upside down starfish that she was in fact showing off her package.

They got a total of 20.

Erin McNaught also danced the cha cha and it was a little awkward. However that red tail feather may have made it a tad difficult. Chance of her winning the series are low. This cha cha had the touch of the burlesque about it and not in a good way.

Todd told her partner that he over danced her and he needed to make Erin shine. The judges were generous with a score of 16.

Tongue out is for thinking said next contest Caine Eckstein and his partner Jessica Prince, who was on So You Think You Can Dance, she had to leave because of an injury. They did an Vienesse Waltz. He showed he had potential but will he and Johnny Ruffo be battling for the same voting bloc?

As Joshua Horner said “For a sportsman first show, awesome”.

Brian Mannix was relived that he had a dancer who was shorter than him and he was being a tad lecherous as well but maybe that was helping him get into the cha chaing mood. Well the good news is that he is a good performer, however his dance technique was pretty bad. Though his playing up to Helen must have scored him an extra point.

They scored 16.

Danielle Spencer and her partner did a Vienesse Waltz. It is hard to razzle on Viennese Waltz but she managed to.

Todd said she has the ability to win the competition which could be the kiss of death. Her mother did not look too thrilled about sitting next to her former husband, Don Spencer, in the audience.

They got a total of 25

Shannon Noll has been partnered with a very attractive Russian called Ilena. His wife must be thrilled. The problem with Ilena is that she is difficult to understand. Shannon is going to have to improve if he wants to win the competition, but he does have a lot of fans.

Though they did get 16.

Jessica Watson is quite sweet but pretty unco in rehearsal. However pulled it together for the performance. She was a little bit stiff on the dance floor with the Viennese waltz. Joshua was positive about her, whereas Todd told her there was a lot of work to do. They scored 18.

Vogue Williams who is allegedly an international dj however that was not the thing that scored her a gig on the show, it was her relationship with Brian McFadden which was why she was dancing the cha cha tonight. She has great legs but she does not know how to use them. She is going to be an early casualty.

Todd said there was no fire or spice, and he did not like the choreography said it was mundane and boring. They were lucky to get 14.

Zoe Cramond from Packed To The Rafters did the Vienesse Waltz with Ari and it was stunning.She danced when she was younger and it showed. Josh said it was the dance of the night. And they received a 27.  AS Ari said we have “nowhere to go now”.

Brendan Fevola was trying to rehabilitate his image by showcasing himself as a family man. Props to him for acknowledging that was why he was on the show. He was not as bad as I thought he would be, but he needs to stop the singing along with the music.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley did quite a nice cha cha with Carmello to I Will Survive a slightly obviously dig at former employer Channel NINE. KAK gave some good hip swivelling though her foot work at times was a little sloppy at times but it was better then the girls half her age. She got a respectable 22. I expect to see her in the show until the bitter end.

I should disclose that my partner works for the industry organisation, which oversees Dream Week and the Dream Ball which raises the majority of the funding for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, Kerri-Anne’s nominated charity. Kerri-Anne is also the charity’s patron. So there may be some pro-KAK in my recaps.

Prediction for elimination next week – Vogue Williams.


1 littlepetal { 04.16.12 at 7:00 am }

Yes, the show was too too long. Have to wait till the end to watch KAK. KAK will be perfect as a host for DWTS.

2 Georgie { 04.16.12 at 7:29 am }

You’re right RR – 2.5 hrs is a long haul but when you have a full cast, I guess it has to be. The good news is it will get shorter.

Loved Josh Horner’s return to Todd. When Josh got very excited about Zoe’s performance saying “wow, wow, wow” amongst other things, Todd said “you’ll have to get the pom poms out” and Josh replied, “they’re in your closet”.

Brendan Fevola surprised me too. I’m no fan but I thought he did extremely well and the footballers usually don’t.

I think Zoe was the stand-out of the night followed by Caine and Johnny. I agree too, that Vogue will be the first casualty.

I also think Mel B did a great job.

3 Calliegirl { 04.16.12 at 9:16 am }

Well I enjoyed most of the acts, although I must admit flicking over to The Voice, which was surprisingly good. Loved Danielle Spencer, and Mel B didn’t annoy me at all. I thought she was very good.

4 Daze { 04.16.12 at 10:06 am }

Ilena needs to step back, although Shannon held his own – glad the judges said make it more about him, than her.

Yes noticed Danielle’s mum’s frozen tight look, she was not happy

Thought the judges didn’t like lip syncing – KAK wasn’t shot down for that or singing which distracts from their dancing?

Glad Joshua is on the panel – he lightens the nastiness of Todd and always has quick come backs

Zoe was great – loved her

5 Georgie { 04.16.12 at 10:21 am }

I’ve been watching DWTS for years and something I need to get off my chest is:
Helen Richey’s outfits are ABOMINABLE!!!

6 Mia { 04.16.12 at 10:33 am }

I’m going to go against the grain and say that I didn’t like Mel B’s post dance interviews at all. I hope it was first night nerves and she improves. I just found most of her schtick cringeworthy.

Having said that, I thought it was a good season opener. Danielle Spencer was my fave, but she’s really going to have to push her personality to the fore, because I fear the bad dancers like Brian, Nollsy and Fev will go further in the comp on that alone if she doesn;t.
I wanted to dislike Vogue Williams because of her poor taste in men, but I can’t help but like her. Again, with the personality factor, I think people might be more inclined to vote for her over Erin McNaught.
I hope Australia gets behind KAK. If she does get voted out early on, can we sack Mel B and give KAK the co-hosting gig? She really is made for that show.

7 par3182 { 04.16.12 at 1:37 pm }

Thanks for reminding me where I’d seen Jessica Prince before; that was driving me nuts.

Danielle, Zoe and KAK for the finals with Caine sticking around as the token meat, please.

Hopefully Vogue gets the boot first and Brian Mannix stays for the hilarity he brings.

Still can’t stand Judge Josh and couldn’t understand a word Mel said. Sonia is sorely missed.

8 Chunks { 04.16.12 at 1:56 pm }

Can they just put Johnny on first every time so I can switch over to The Voice?

9 littlepetal { 04.16.12 at 2:05 pm }

I do agree that Vogue Williams will be the first to go. I don’t think the public will vote for her. Maybe Brian M have to do the voting himself to get her through the next round

10 Andrea { 04.16.12 at 3:52 pm }

I only watched Johnny Ruffo and then KAK at the end. None of the others really appeal to me that much.It goes on too long and there was too much on last night including The Logies which was a marathon to watch!. Somehow those songs that 1 Direction sang have been going round in my head all day! Don’t think I’ll be watching DWTS, I have to fit in Celebrity Apprentice and Australia’s got talent, too much choice!

11 Ruby { 04.16.12 at 4:22 pm }

Loved Mannix – he is a funny guy. They should have a skinhead dance category. KAK was fabulous. She is all class. Did Helen have a cake decoration pinned to her dress?? Where was family man Brendan’s wife? Alex must have had a pedi appointment. By the way, AFL footy players have done OK on this show in the past – Kouta won & Brodie Holland (who??) came 2nd or whatever. They usually get the footwork right from having played footy.

12 par3182 { 04.16.12 at 6:36 pm }

Some trivia because Ruby raised an interesting subject: AFL vs NRL –

AFL players –
brodie holland – 4th place
anthony koutafides – won
paul licuria – 3rd
spida everitt – 11th
david wirrpanda – 5th (quit)

NRL players –
ian roberts – runner-up
luke ricketson – 9th
wendell sailor – 10th
jason stephens – 11th

13 Ruby { 04.16.12 at 6:54 pm }

Thanks par3182. What a legend ! Great research. Both codes have done pretty well. Some footy players were better than others, but on average they have done OK. I think Kouta won because of his chest and muscles, though. I recall Helen turning into a giggling school girl mess over him. Then again there are alot of Carlton supporters. Wonder if they will support Fev or will they still be cut by his behaviour & the repercussions? Guess it’s all old news.

I am looking forward to the rest of the season of DWTS. Good balance of competitors. Brian Mannix is hilarious. Good to have some humour & then some graceful dancing from the likes of Danielle & Zoe.

14 sue N { 04.16.12 at 10:21 pm }

I recorded both the Logies (yawn) and DWTS- both went on for too long (& I cut out a lot of the crap and all the ads) but overall- much preferred DWTS to the Logies- which is now basically a huge Ch9 marketing tool/advertorial- pathetic!!!!!! especially the gold- I mean seriously!!!!!!

15 Fairy { 04.27.12 at 1:17 am }

Hate it. The stars are not stars, more like shooting stars (years ago). I put on DVD’s rather than watch it. It is pretty BAD.