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Dancing With The Stars – A Marathon First Episode

I like Pamela Anderson, she sat through over 2 and half hours of the show and managed to look like she was interested. Come on Channel 7 you have got to cut down on all the filler it just goes on far too long.

The stars either had to dance the Cha-Cha or the Viennese Waltz and they did that with varying degrees of competency.

George Houvardas did what looked like a Nick Giannopolis dance in Wog Boy, which I was not sure if that was what he was trying to achieve, but hey it made me laugh.  Helen was overcome by all the pelvic thrusts and gave him a six.

Did Jo-Beth Taylor have a music single, she did a vienese waltz and Todd criticised her for trying to pull the sexy mother thing off. She didn’t look very happy at that. BTW Jo-Beth was competing with Sonia Kruger with who has had the most plastic surgery.

Melinda Schneider did the cha-cha. I thought she was going to be a disaster, but she actually had some rhythm and she was awarded a very respectable 21. She also looked like she was really enjoying herself on stage.

David the WA AFL player I thought had rhythm except he looked so damn nervous he had a worried look on his face the whole way through. I thought Mark was harsh only giving them a three.

Esther Anderson is so very skinny, but has an amazing pair of legs. She is one of the favourites to win, however I thought she was a bit stiff, but that could be first week nerves.

Former NRL player Jason Stevens had the misfortune to lose his partner this week, however he lacked in both personality and rhythm.

Blair McDonough  has returned to his reality TV roots, he looks like he will be a contender, but I did not think he needed to flash the chest this early in the series.

Alex Fevola was next.  Is she on the  show because  she is a celebrity photographer, or because she was married to an AFL footballer. Pammy was looking encouragingly at her as she was dancing probably seeing a younger version of herself.

Tamara Jaber – to camera pieces came across well she was much more natural then I thought she was going to be. However it looked like she had previous dancing experience and her Wiki page reveals she has been dancing since the age of three and represented Australia in singing and dancing. So a bit more then the little bit of tap and jazz she told the judges.  Rumours of troubles in her and Kyle’s marriage won’t be helped with her kissing her partner on the neck whilst judging was going on.

Here is what her wiki page said:

She started singing and dancing at the age of three and always stole the limelight at family functions. By the age of eight, she started formal tap, jazz and ballet lessons. Tamara then auditioned for the “Newtown Performing Arts High School” in which she did successful in and studied dance and drama. At the of 14, Tamara represented Australia in the “America Song and Dance Championships” and won first prize. Tamara also won a scholarship to the “Australia Institute of Music for years 11 and 12, completing a Diploma of Music at the same time completing her HSC.

Also just found her bio and it states she used to train up to six hours a day and has won trophies for dance. This is ridiculously unfair on the other contestants. I thought they were meant to have limited dance experience or has that changed as they have struggled to find stars?

Robert Palmer from Better Homes and Gardens, ok I had never heard of him, wasn’t the worst of the evening, but he kind of blended in with the  footy players. I don’t think he will be the new Tom Williams.

Rachael Finch who is making a career in reality shows post her Miss Universe gig is stunning, and did a passable rendition of the cha cha.There are rumours she is on with her partner which have been denied.


1 Wurstsemmel { 06.28.10 at 10:10 am }

I don’t watch this show but I flicked over during a Masterchef gap and caught Blair McD with his chest on display. I wouldn’t worry about peaking too early. I’d be more worried that he peaked at all. Stan Laurel would have a more of a six pack.

2 Fides { 06.28.10 at 1:05 pm }

I haven’t watched DWTS since Sonia morphed into Barbie with the plastic face. I remember Tamara Jaber years ago from Popstars – what stood out to me was that she wanted her hair straightened and spent all of the precious group rehearsal time having Jacqui O pulling at her wild locks with hairdryer and brush so her team couldn’t rehearse… my one and only impression was what a selfish little thing she was.

I like Rachel Finch – she’s so natural and refreshing on TV. Maybe next year she should try her luck again in MC – I’m certain she’d make top 24.

3 seepi { 06.28.10 at 1:54 pm }

I like Rachel Finch too, but vile vile dress – fringed cowboy shirt meets lawnmower is not a good look. Do they just get given the clothes to wear? I would looooove to design dancing outfits – so over the top – it seems like anything goes, and the less of it the better.

and Pammy’s dress was about 2 inches too short. i guess that is her stock in trade. She came across as personable, but on the dull side. I mean every contestant got the same little comment – ‘beautiful, I thought it was gorgeous’ etc. she did say Alex Fevola was brave to do this as a non media personality with no camera experience. I was surprised Alex had a dinkum aussie accent, I had picked her as a sort of blonde ‘effie’ type character – she should lose the big hair.

I think I’m hoping Blair mcD goes, or perhaps Jason Stevens. the handyman has the most annoying hoarse voice, but was more personable than I expeceted also.

I always expect to hate this show, and get sucked in, but they need to speed up all the gumph between the dancing.