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Fashion Bloggers On Style Was Short, Sharp And Sweet

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Fashion Bloggers, which premiered tonight, is the first Australian reality TV show made for the Style Network and it is actually a very watchable TV show.

The show which follows five fashion bloggers in what they do in their daily lives was entertaining as they kept it short, sharp and sweet.

By short, I mean a nice 30 minute episode. Sharp was no slow build up just straight into New York fashion week. Any show with the NYC scenery in it gives it a bit more edge and the sweet was the cast. There was no housewives faux fighting everyone looked liked they got on.

Also in the world of fashion which can be slightly pretentious and narcissistic the bloggers were quite nice and as with all good reality TV characters I wanted to get to know them more.

Fashion blogging is not a world I know much about, but in short they are bloggers who write and take a lot of photos of fashion and of themselves wear fashion. Also huge followers on instagram, Facebook and Twitter are critical for their success.

The first episode focussed mainly on Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three (beautiful looking blog) and Zanita Whittington of Zanita who were attending New York Fashion Week. But also there is Kate Waterhouse of who we saw doing a Waterhouse family Vogue shoot, and Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox.

Australian production companies have not done these type genre of reality show very well in the past, think Park Street… But Fashion Bloggers is interesting and entertaining and takes you into a lifestyle that most people never get to see and it is very easy on the eye.

Fashion Blogger on Style Channel on Wednesday nights at 8.30pm. Repeats throughout the week.

October 15, 2014   8 Comments