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Shark Tank – A Quality Version Of An Overseas Format

When it comes to Shark Tank it is all about the Sharks and the five entrepreneurs delivered in spades on the first episode.

None of them held back with questions or comments about what they thought of of the business ideas being presented to them.

In fact “the weakest”, and I say that in the context that all were fabulous, was John McGrath who has the most TV hours under his belt. But being in real estate may mean he is not as strong with some of themanufactured products being presented to them.

Andrew Banks from T2 is going to be popular with the wannabe entrepreneurs as he is based in the USA. This was particularly relevant in the case of the portable electric skateboard that packaged up into a case. Andrew made the offer but then Allison decided she wanted in with it as well and the guy took the deal. The question I would asked is whether it is legal for it to go on the roads or cycle paths. It was a great concept and deserves to do well.

A product that was not quite as compelling, the cricket set esky ended up getting a deal with Naomi Simson from Red Balloon. Her idea is to sell it as a promotional product. All the other sharks were like no way this product is a one hit wonder.

Steve Baxter the IT entrepreneur from Qld had no trouble letting everyone know what he thought about their concepts. One such contestant was wanting $2.5 million for his Rental résumé was hammered by the judges.

Naomi was particularly scaring once she found out he wanted millions for a business that did not exist. Also the guy had no charisma so needless to say no shark wanted him.

At the other end of the spectrum was the guy with the Hamdog concept. This was a hamburger/ hotdog hybrid that looked disgusting. However anyone who has eaten in a U.S. Fast food chain has probably seen worse.

But all he wanted was a $1 for 25% of the business and Andrew offered him $2.00 for 50%. The other sharks thought he was crazy but he then revealed that only the day before he had sat opposite the CEO of a big fast food chain. Anyway as he said a couple of phone calls and he will know if they will be able to sell the concept to a chain.

I loved the show but what did you think of it?

February 9, 2015   14 Comments

Shark Tank Starts Tonight At 8pm On TEN

Another one of TEN’s reality shows kicks off tonight. This one is Shark Tank the entrepreneurial reality show where people pitch to get a deal from “the sharks”.

Based on the US version of the show it looks like TEN is keeping to the format even to having the same looking set.

Sarah Harris was named as the host of Shark Tank and the five sharks are going to be  Janine Allis (Boost Juice Bars), Andrew Banks (Talent2), Steve Baxter (entrepreneur and investor), John McGrath (McGrath Estate Agents) and Naomi Simson (RedBalloon).

The US version of the show is very entertaining and some successful businesses have emerged from the show.

Sunday night is looking busy on the reality TV front with The Block, My Kitchen Rules with Ash and Camilla cooking and I’m A Celebrity also screening.

SHARK TANK starts on TEN on Sundays at 8 pm after I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. 

February 8, 2015   2 Comments

Shark Tank Australia – Sneak Peek

Shark Tank Australia will be on TEN in 2015 and here is a sneak peek the brand spanking new reality series.

January 16, 2015   5 Comments

Network TEN Upfronts – And Yes There Is Going To Be The Bachelorette!


The Network TEN Upfronts were held at Star Casino last night and it was a plethora of riches for reality fans with the good news that there will be the first series of The Bachelorette.  This announcement was clearly one of the most popular of the evening with the crowd.

This inevitably led to chatter about who would get the title role and since Laurina was at the function people if she was going to be the first The Bachelorette. She would be a good one and after  quick chat with her she revealed a good sense of humour.


If she is not The Bachelorette, then chances are she is going to be parachuted into the jungle for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. TEN announced the hosts for the series Julia Morris and Chris Brown. Getting Julia Morris is quite a coup and will get people tuning in and if it is good keep them watching. The contestants will be revealed on the first night of the series. TEN a pinning a lot on this series and they are expecting that their shows will be the ones that people are talking about on Twitter and in the social media.

There was chatter about why they are not just sending the Celebs to a perfectly good set outside of Murwillumbah, but  this would NOT have put the celebrities outside their comfort zone whereas the “African jungle” will.

Sarah Harris was named as the host of Shark Tank and the five sharks are going to be  Janine Allis (Boost Juice Bars), Andrew Banks (Talent2), Steve Baxter (entrepreneur and investor), John McGrath (McGrath Estate Agents) and Naomi Simson (RedBalloon).

Masterchef Australia and The Bachelor will be the base for building a stronger TEN next year and The Biggest Loser will be given a makeover. It will now be TBL Families. Also it won’t screen until mid-year and won’t be kicking off the ratings year as  it has done for awhile. This is quite smart. Michelle Bridges walked the red carpet alone and Commando was not in the room.

TEN also announced that there will be another franchise announced for next year at some stage. I suspect it will be a reality show.

Within all the announcements there was no Recipe To Riches but after asking Russell Howcroft about it he said they are just waiting to get through this season. It will all come down to rating and Woolworths, I suspect. He also said that wins next week show is a cracker.

Gogglebox is the other new show which is about us watching people watching TV, it is very popular in the UK.

Fans of American Idol will be pleased to know the show will be fast tracked on ELEVEN and they will continue to screen the US version on So You Think You Can Dance and Snog, Marry and Avoid on this digital channel.

The stars were out in force and I chatted to Matt Preston, I wanted to take a photo but he insisted on selfie (regular readers will know I hate selfies). But the bright side is he makes me look petite.

IMG_4466The TEN programming looks fresh which differentiates it from the other free to air commercial channels who are taking into 2015 older/tireder reality TV formats.


November 14, 2014   43 Comments

Rumour: Mark Bouris To Be One Of The Sharks On Shark Tank?


Shark Tank is going to be one of the big shows for Network TEN next year, but the success of the show will be down to “sharks” aka the entrepreneurs who will be putting the contestants through their paces.

The show sees start ups and wannabe entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a number of “sharks” who will then interrogate them about their ideas. They then decide whether they want to invest to get a stake in their company or to bail out.

One shark TEN is wanting to hook is Mark Bouris CEO of Yellow Brick Road. He did a very nice job in his role as host of Celebrity Apprentice and he is tough but does not come across as an arsehole. Mark also has the money needed as the sharks invest their own money into the businesses it is not the production companies. There have been talks but it is unknown whether he has signed on the dotted line and if he does sign up whether Yellow Brick Road will be a sponsor as it was on Celebrity Apprentice.

Another shark that producers should be looking at is Richard Farleigh an Australian based in London who was on two seasons of Dragon Den, the UK version of the show. Richard who has a compelling life story going from foster kid to multi millionaire. He also has a history of investing in start ups. At 54 years of age he ticks all the boxes for being on the show including being easy on the eye.

Richard Farleigh

Richard Farleigh

Carolyn Cresswell who is currently being seen as a mentor on the much improved Recipe To Riches should be a much needed female shark. Worth over $50 million and starting a company from a $1000 investment would see her as a perfect fit for the show. Also she can take some of the credit for the increase in ratings Recipe To Riches has seen this year.

Carolyn Cresswell

Carolyn Cresswell

Other names being bandied about are Boost Juice founder Janine Ellis who has retail experience and a surprise shark could be Tom Waterhouse who is young and good looking and cashed up since he sold his gambling business last year.

TEN is on a winner with this one if they get the casting right.

Shark Tank on TEN in 2015.


October 28, 2014   6 Comments