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Dee And Darren Win The Block With A Record Breaking Prize Money

Well happy days for Dee and Darren who won a whopping $935,000 last night on The Block. It was $835,000 with the $100,000 first prize added together.

After last years auction debacle everyone came out a winner with the total prize money given out $3,165,000.

Were the reserves set low to make sure everyone came out a winner.

Tim and Anastasia reserve was $1,420,000, they sold for $2,175,000, which meant a profit of $755,000. I bet Anastasia is glad she came back after quitting.

Jess and Ayden (who will be seen next week on Reno Rumble)  had a reserve of $1,335,000, they sold for $2,000,000 giving them a profit of $665,000.

Dee and Darren reserve was set at $1,455,000 it sold for $2,290,000 giving them a profit of $835,000.

Josh and Charlotte reserve was  $1,390,000, they sold for $2,200,000 giving them a profit of $810,000.

This will definitely get the punters signing up for the next series of The Block.

The SMH have a list of the biggest prize winners in TV history as well as the biggest losers here.

April 30, 2015   63 Comments

Sam Frost Is Australia’s First Bachelorette


I have to confess that I am slightly surprised that Sam Frost has been cast as Australia’s first Bachelorette. Sam was on last years series of The Bachelor and was proposed to by Blake Garvey but was jilted after the final air as he decided he was in love with another girl on the series Louise Pillidge.

After the scandal broke both of the parties were doing interviews trying to get out their side of the story and Sam said she was heart broken. Personally I thought people were a bit over all of the parties involved in the relationship. Yes Sam has the nice girl persona which Laurina Fleure another rumoured front runner doesn’t.

Sam also is a keen user of Instagram and has a huge following so mage that influenced TEN’s decision to go with her.

Sam will be on The Project tonight talking about her new role.

The Bachelorette Australia on TEN later this year.

 What do you think of Sam Frost being Australia’s first Bachelorette?

April 29, 2015   32 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Ash And Camilla Do French

The normally unflappable Ash and Camilla were looking under stress in the kitchen at their instant restaurant as they tried to win a spot into the semi finals. Though even them losing their cool a bit is not quite as bad as Kat and Andre were.  But it was the first time I had seen Ash unravel and look unsure of herself .

First they thought they had left the lemons at the markets and then the timer did not go off for the lobsters but both of those mistakes were rectified.

Their menu was strictly French well except for the dessert with the french name. No that is a trick to try at home to make something sound more fancy.

The entrees were Asparagus Salad With 65 degree Egg and Scallop Mousse with Lobster Sauce. Mains were Coq Au Vin with Pasta and Ravioli with three cheeses and Game Consommé and dessert was Three Milk Cake with Lemon Sorbet and Mille Fieulle.

Pete said the Asparagus Salad with the Egg was a little bit disjointed but was very good. Manu however thought the scallop mousse was full of flavour and he said it was a generous portion of lobster.

However Manu was not quite so enamoured by his main of Coq Au Vin with Pasta as he said they used the wrong cut of chicken. They used the breast instead of the leg, so it was dry. I thought in Coq Au Vin you used the whole chicken.  Pete also told Ash and Camilla that the Consommé lacked the game taste and most of the other teams would have preferred a different sauce with it.

However Pete did think his dessert, the Three Milk Cake, was sensational but he did not think the lemon sorbet went with the dish. Manu had the Mille Fieulle. He liked the home made puff pastry.

They then convened to kitchen headquarters

It was time for the scoring where Drasko and Bianca low balled them as the teams scored them a total of 20 out of 40 which did not reflect the technique or flavours they did achieve. The producers really need to do something about the scoring because if this low score by Bianca and Drasko had meant Ash and Camilla had been eliminated it would have been very unfair indeed.

Manu scored the entree a nine, the main a five, and dessert a nine.

Pete scored the entree a seven, the main a six, and dessert a six.

It was a grand total score of 62, Drasko and Bianca are gone and the semi-finals begin before the big finale on Monday May 4 at 7.30pm.

The first semi final is Ash and Camilla against Will and Steve.

The scores by the teams from the website:

Drasko and Bianca – 3

Will and Steve – 5

Jac and Shaz – 6

Eva and Debra – 6


April 28, 2015   292 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Jac and Shaz Cook

Before we talk about the cooking can we talk about Jac’s smoking hot legs. Tonight they were in a skort and they looked fabulous.

She was keeping cool as the contestants sweated it out in Mt Isa. It was Jac and Shaz’s turn to cook in their final instant restaurant and they barely worked up a sweat the most dramatic thing that occurred was when Jac knocked the coulis onto the floor.

Their menu was not the most sophisticated the show has seen but there was some solid technique in there.

For entree they served up Fried Squid with Chilli Jam and Prawn and Leek Tart. Main was Macadamia encrusted Barramundi with Orange and Beetroot Salad and a Chicken and Walnut Roulade with Sweet Potato. Dessert was Cherry Short Stack and Poached Pears With Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Manu had the Prawn and Leek Tart he said the pastry was fantastic and the prawns were cooked perfectly. he thought they should have cooked the leeks a lot slower to make them sweeter. Pete also liked the Squid he said it was not flash but they knew what people liked.

Pete thought with the barra they had stepped it up a notch. He called it a solid dish. Manu had the roulade and he liked the plating and said he was happily surprised by the dish.

Manu said the pear was poached perfectly but he criticised the lack of flavour. Pete was underwhelmed with his Cherry Stack as well saying it was just two bits of shortbread  and he thought  cherries  were going to be the star of the dish.

The scores were:

  • Ash and Camilla – 6
  • Bianca and Drasko – 6
  • Eva and Debra – 6
  • Will and Steve – 6

For a total of 24/40.

Manu scored the entree a 7, the main a 9, and a five for dessert.

Pete scored the entree a 8, the main a 8, and a four for dessert.

They received a grand total of 65 points which put them second on the leaderboard behind Will and Steve.

April 26, 2015   110 Comments

Chrissie Swan and Grant Denyer To Host Great Australian Spelling Bee

There were rumours that either Grant Denyer or Chrissie Swan would be host of The Great Australian Spelling Bee but today it was announced that both of them will host the new Network TEN show.

Chrissie proved she was popular on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and Grant Denyer is also doing well in the ratings on Family Feud.

I am not sure why they need two hosts but that is a thing this year with Sonia Kruger joining Darren McMullen on The Voice Australia.

The Great Australian Spelling Bee is a family show with children between the ages of 8 and 14 will compete in a spelling contest.

At this stage there is no air date.


April 26, 2015   10 Comments