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Dean Geyer needs four months lesson before acting on Neighbours.

Dean Geyer is going to become a cast member on neighbours. In an article today it was revealed Dean would be going to Ramsey St.

I don’t think we are going to see Dean winning an oscar anytime soon, as the article revealed he needed four months of acting lessons prior to joining the cast. I did not think it was a prerequisite for cast members to actually act.

I would like to know who is advising him on this career move, or was it his only option.

I would have thought with his great looks, musical talent, and by dating a Veronica that he would have tried to further his singing career, even if it meant targeting the Christian Pop audience which is so huge in the States.

Neighbours is in it death throes in Australia, with extremely poor ratings, it continues because the money they make selling it overseas.

Maybe Neighbour producers want to see if they can cash in on the Australian Idol teeny bopper fan base. I can only presume Dean wants to get some sort of profile in England and do the Kylie, Natalie, and Delta path?

Dancing With Stars dancers audition for So You Think You Can Dance.
After being voted off early in Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars, Csaba Szirmai who partnered Corinne Grant, has auditioned yesterday in Sydney for Australia’s version of Dancing With the Stars.

He auditioned with a fellow Dancing With the Stars competitor, Eliza Campagna, who was first voted off this season when partnering Michael Klim.

The 120 who successfully make it through this weekends auditions, will then ‘audition’ again in front of the show’s judges Bonnie Lythgoe, Matthew Lee, and Jason Coleman on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’m presuming Csaba and Eliza made it through to front the judges. It will be interesting to see how they go, and if they make it to the top 20 will it give them an advantage because of the fans they may have made on Dancing With the Stars.

Personally I am hoping to see some undiscovered talent on this show.

American Idol to Be screened on Fox 8
Goods new for reality tv fans who were getting worried about the post xmas non ratings period lull.

Fox 8 has revealed it will be screening this seasons American Idol almost live from the States, starting in mid January. Reality Raver will be covering the show on this blog.

Cannot wait to see if Paula”the lush” Abdul is putting vodka in here water glass, and if Simon Cowell is still flirting with Ryan Seacrest.