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Australian American Idol contestant is married.

Super cute American Idol contestant from Australia, Michael Johns is married. Johns who received the golden ticket to Hollywood at the San Diego audition is married to a Texan girl. He took his band the Rising to the States in 2003 as it was signed to Maverick records which was once own by Madonna. Unfortunately for him the deal flopped. But on the bright side he did find love.

I hope he makes it into the final 24!

Full story here.

American Idol apparently final 24 is finalised.

Speaking of final 24… as we continue to watch the highly entertaining American Idol auditions (I hope Australian Idol producers are taking notes) news is filtering through that the final 24 has been finalised. No leaks or hint as to who has made it through but transworld news seems to have some information for those who are interested.

Ricki-Lee has posed nude for charity

Just to keep the balance right with some Australian Idol news – Ricki-Lee Coulter has posed nude for charity. She took the tasteful pictures for a Cleo spread, and also the photos will be sold on ebay for charity.

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