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Idol Tidbits

Matt Corby makes Girl Faint at Christian Music Festival.

Matt Corby who was one of the headline acts at the major Australian Christian music festival, Easterfest in Toowoomba, where he made one girl faint she was so overwhelmed.

Apparently there were thousands of screaming girl fans. I would not have thought it was cool to inspire lust at a christian rock concert, but then again what would I know.

However the new haircut is a big improvement.

Article and photo here.

Interview with Randy and Simon Cowell at the Details Magazine Party.
Simon and Randy were interviewed The Dish Rag – LA Times at a party to celebrate Ryan Seacrest on the cover of Details magazine.

Simon said he was not surprised that Amanda Overmeyer was voted out as she was not going to win it. Also he said David Archuleta, Jason Castro, and Brooke White or Ramielle Malubay would be top three.

I have got to disagree on the Ramiell Malubay top 3 comment, unless the Philippine community is huge in the US.

The article also has a photo of the cover of Details Magazine. Personally I prefer it when Ryan Seacrest is smiling, here on the cover he just looks like another jock.

Rumoured Ryan Seacrest dating Holly Huddleston is she a B grade porn star?
The internet is rife with rumours that Ryan Seacrest is dating Holly Huddleston. I have never heard of her but she apparently is on Sunset Tan.

I took a look at a photo here and wondered what her job of choice was prior to Sunset Tan. I know I should not generalise because she has peroxide blonde hair, tan, and a shirt undone but she looks like a bimbo. But maybe that is the way Ryan likes them.

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