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Rhiannon Claims So You Think You Can Dance is Rigged!

Rhiannon, the 18 year old from Sydney must know her time on the show is coming to an end, when she hit out with claims that So You Think You Can Dance is rigged.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph Rhiannon said:

“You can say it’s down to the public (voting), but we know that it’s a little bit rigged,” she said.

“They’ve got to make good TV.”

Asked to explain her criticism, Villareal, 19, said: “When I say rigged, I mean it’s like popularity.

“It makes it harder for the versatile dancers to do something different. It’s definitely not the best dancers. It’s popularity, who’s nicest on camera.”

If this is going to console Rhiannon when she is voted off so be it. But to me Rhiannon has been disappointing, as I kept on thinking each week was going to be her big moment, but as yet it has not happened. Her solos have been the same each week. Tonight she really needs to impress.

In the same article SYTYCD favourite Jack Chambers showed his reality TV savviness. He said if he said “… I’d like to help my parents out and pay off their debts,”.

He knows telling people he is really going to blow the $200,000 on a new Porsche will cost him votes! Rhys may need to find a sick relative to send overseas for treatment to claw back the “Aw shucks isn’t Jack a nice son vote”!

The Biggest Loser – Apparently Cosi not so nice.

Ros Reines in her weekly gossip column gives her award for nastiest reality star on TV to Adelaide radio personality Andrew “Cosi” Costello. She thinks Cosi is trying to hog the limelight by talking to the camera regularly, and giving his spin on events and on other The Biggest Loser contestants. Ros also gives a spoiler that was revealed here in a previous blog here.

Ros thinks that Cosi see himself as another Kyle Sandilands and is setting himself up for some kind of role on Big Brother.

My Kids a Star looks like it is going to be compulsive TV watching.

My Kids a Star the show that will commence on Channel 9 this Wednesday night at 7.30pm looks like it could become mandatory viewing because it is so bad it is good.

My Kid’s A Star follows 10 children and their parents through a six-week bootcamp in the quest for fame and fortune. Accompanied by their ambitious stage Mum or Dad, the kids train and perform in front of an expert panel of judges to establish whether they have what it takes in the tough world of show business.

The prize money is a paltry $50,000.

The show which is based on the hit show from the US, has also imported former child star Danny Bonaduce to be a judge. I don’t normally watch shows where I think the kids are being exploited ie Kid Nation. Except I have a feeling this is going to be more about the parents then the children.

McDonalds Not On The Menu in the Australia’s Next Top Model House.

Don’t except to see any McDonalds advertising on Fox 8 during Australia’s Next Top Model shows, as two contestants revealed they were not allowed to eat from the fast food chain.

In a story in Adelaide Now two of the South Australian contestants Jamie Lee, 21, and Kamila Markowska, 18 said they were yelled at when they had Maccas one week. Clearly they were not partaking in McDonalds new “healthy” menus.

The article also revealed that there wasn’t the bitchiness in the house as we have been led to believe – exerpt below:

Lee, the oldest of the contestants, said there wasn’t the bitchiness in the house she expected.

“No one was really like that,” she said. “If we come across bitchy at all, it’s because they force you to in the interviews.”

Mmm Jason Coleman and to think you said there was honesty and integrity in reality tv! Anyway of cause the tv audience wants to see the girls snarling at each other, it is all about good tv viewing and entertainment!

Just one gripe with the delay between filming the show and it coming on TV I suspect we will know the winner prior to it being shown. As since the article reveals these girls are now home in SA does that mean they are not in the final three that flew to New York this week?

Farmer Wants a Wife – Some of the Girls revealed.

The Sun Herald has an article here which reveals four of the sixty girls who will competing for the farmers attention in the second series of Farmer Wants a Wife.

The first series which was a surprise hit for Channel 9 last year has already had one engagement from it – Chris and Kimberley – so these girls know that there is a good chance of hooking a farmer.

They also think they will be different from the city boys they have been dating!

Natasha Fernandez, 25, an MBA student from Camperdown, said: “Sydney men are very full of themselves, money-driven, into playing games. Farmers are known to be more considerate.”

I am not sure that is true, but you do have to go in with a positive attitude.

Larry Emdur is being considered as next host of Dancing With The Stars.

Not that I care as I find this one of the blander reality tv shows on the box, but Larry Emdur is in the running to take over as host from Darryl Somers on Dancing With The Stars.

The show which was dealing with falling ratings last year is looking for something new to propel it back to the mega rating bonanza it used to be.

Personally I think some tweaking of the format would help, as it was the most drawn out show on TV.


1 soobee { 04.06.08 at 2:17 pm }

LOL on Jack and Rhys. As I sad on Blogging SYTYCD, I think Rhiannon knows her days are numbered (by like one or two weeks, tops) and so she is trying to say, Oh, I’m good, I’m just not POPULAR. Well, Rhiannon you are not that popular in part because you are not as STRONG as some of the dancers. But more importantly, this is the search for Australia’s FAVORITE DANCER, so yes, it is about who appeals to the viewing public. IMHO, Danny was the most proficient dancer on SYTYCD S3, but Sabra won (same with Travis and Benjy). So it’s about technicality and personality, and Rhiannon, you aren’t mature enough to win (and I think she’s lucky to even be in the top eight).

2 Onadrought { 04.06.08 at 10:49 pm }

About Cosi being the nastiest person on Reality TV, did the article mean currently, because surely there would be half a dozen Big Brother or Survivor contestants that would fit the bill. Besides, JJ was nastier.

I don’t think it’s Cosi’s fault if the camera focuses on him, that’s the producers decsion, and reality TV is about controversy and he provides that.

Re Farmer Wants a Wife and that quote that a farmer is more considerate. How considerate is being woken at dawn to milk cows? I know a single woman who would go on something called Builder Wants a Wife, but as she says, when you get with a farmer, they are the only profession that expects you to work with them, and fucking hard work it is.