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Australian Idol – Season 6

Kyle Sandilands managed to kill of Big Brother will he do the same to Australian Idol?

The Olympics are finishing and now it is time for the sixth season of Idol to start. This year there is a lot of pressure due to the continued falling ratings of the show.

The changes that have occurred:

  • Mark Holden dumped so there are only three judges;
  • The sexy Ricki-Lee Coulter added in as an additional host;
  • The top 100 will have a live audience to sing to;
  • Marcia is apparently going to be meaner this year;
  • There will also be voting (more money making) on a Monday night so the voters decides who in the bottom three goes home.

Channel Ten has decided to immerse us in Idol for the next two weeks with hardly a break. There are auditions all this week. The top 100 hundred next Sunday, and then four nights of semi-finals. Personally I think it may be to much and only the diehard fans and reality tv bloggers will be the ones who will sit through it all.

Tonight was the Melbourne auditions and being back to the three judges is already an improvement and the chemistry between them is good. There have been rumours that producers contemplated not having Marcia Hines and Dicko and to replace them with someone younger like Darren Hayes and Tina Arena, so the acid is being put on them. I still cannot work out why Kyle Sandilands is the favoured child of Channel 10.

The auditions were the usual mixture of the deluded, the attention seekers, and the talented. As usual the interesting bit in these shows is trying to pick which of the singers will make top 12.


1 deflowerd { 08.25.08 at 4:30 pm }

Ah I forgot to mention the lack of Mark Holden in my post. The main reason being; I honestly didn’t notice he was gone.

Haha St Jeromes doesn’t do great coffee, it’s frequently a little lukewarm, but the atmosphere is pretty good and secluded.

2 CamelCaseLiz { 08.25.08 at 6:39 pm }

Promises, promises that Marsha will be meaner. I don’t believe it!
Marsha is a strumpet politician with streaks, and politics in rock does not rate!

Sure, Mark was a caricature of himself, but they need some REAL musicians as judges. Bring on that Rocker from You Am I, Tim Rodgers or a sexy rock chic with attitude.
Give the show some actual interest!!!

My goodness talk about nepotistic, coke sniffin’ old dodgers. Roll over Beethoven!

3 Change Agent { 08.25.08 at 6:41 pm }

I agree with CamelCaseLiz, Kyle is not the answer.

4 Reality Raver { 08.26.08 at 2:19 pm }

Deflowered in Sydney we don’t have as many of those gritty cafes left.

Agree I did not miss Mark – but I may do once the elimination shows start, as did have more musical knowledge then the others.