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Masterchef Pre-Show Hype Continues.

Masterchef starts on Monday, so the publicity continues. Daily Telegraph has an article by  journalist Grant Jones about his audition for Masterchef.

Also an article in Perth Now where host Sarah Wilson talks about the judges and the contestants.

Bonnie Lythgoe Getting Back With Ex-Husband Nigel Lythgoe

This relationship is continually confusing me, are they on or off? Well Bonnie says they are on as she is flying out to meet up with after the end of So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Full story here. Will she be given a guest judging spot on the US version this year?

Alyssa Sutherland Has Ensured She Will Not Get A Guest Spot On Project Runway Australia.

Model Alyssa Sutherland took a swipe at Project Runway Australia host, Kristy Hinze, in a radio interview, she responded to a question on whether she was dating any 60 year old men by answering “No, my career is still going strong so I don’t have to do that yet,” .

Full story in here.

Top Chef Season 6 Will Be Shot In Las Vegas.

Just as Season 5 of Top Chef is coming to a close in Australia, there is news of another season.  Top Chef Season 6 will start being filmed in Las Vegas on Monday. The usual suspects will be in it, Padma Lakshmi, Tom Collucchio, Gail Simmons, and Toby Young. Some more details at this blog.

Project Runway Season 6 Will Be Televised In The US In August

Project Runway fans will breathe a sigh of relief as they will finally be getting to see Season 6 screened in the US. It will start screening on Lifetime on August 20. The show had been caught in a legal tussle between Bravo (who screened the first five seasons) and the producers of the show. Kansas City has more details.

No news when it will be screened in Australia.

Bravo TV have replaced their hallmark show with The Fashion Show which will star designer Issac Mizhari, and Kelly Rowland. More details here.

Nigel Lythgoe Reckons Simon Cowell Won’t Leave American Idol

The ususal isl Simon Cowell leave American Idol rumours are circulating. However former Idol Producer and SYTYCD judge Nigel Lythgoe says Simon Cowell will probably stay as they will make it worth his while. I presume the producers know that they would lose a lot of viewers if Simon Cowell was not sitting on the judging panel.Full story here.

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Bonnie, guest host on US version. But she’s so hopeless.