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Channel 7 Are  Going To Make An Australian Version Of The Beauty And The Geek

Channel 7 will  be making a local remake of the US version of Beauty and The Geek. The reality TV show matches up Beauty’s (girls) and Geeks (boys) for a set of challenges, with an elimination each episode. You can download audition info via Have to confess I never got into the US series.

The Amazing Race To Return To On Channel Seven In July – Suvivor Still Missing In Action

TV Tonight indicates The Amazing Race will be returning to our screens in July. However Survivor Gabon and the latest Tocantins still have not got an air date. Apparently Survivor Gabon is fantastic.

Was the Sonia Kruger/Todd McKenney Breeding Story A Beat Up?

It appears my cynicism of yesterday was confirmed.  I queried whether the Todd asking Sonia to be have a child with him was true or just a publicity stunt. The Daily Telegraph suggests this was the case and says that both of the stars have gone to ground on the issue.

Alex Perry Answers Readers Questions About Australia’s Next Top Model

TV Week has an article  where ANTM judge Alex Perry answers readers questions with his usual brutal honesty.

Alamela Rowan Blogs About Australia’s Next Top Model For Throng

Last year’s bullied contestant Alamela Rowan is currently modelling in Taiwan, and is also blogging about this season’s Next Top Model at Throng.

She is not a bad writer for someone of her age, however I get the feeling she is still bitter and twisted about her ANTM experience, as she has not a nice word to say about any of the modelettes.

Susan Boyle Update:

The NY Times dissects the Susan Boyle phenomena. Apparently she is currently on tour with the other people from the show, but she has missed some performances because of stress. Source BBC.

Apparently she is also being booked for corporate gigs at $16,000 a minute according to My prediction she will fade into oblivion within 12 months.

Katie Holmes Is Going To Appear On So You Think You Can Dance

Apparently Katie Holmes will be guest starring on SYTYCD elimination show, doing a Judy Garland tribute. Source Pop On The Pop.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 06.28.09 at 3:30 pm }

Great news about TAR coming back. I wish they’d also show the series we’d missed out on.

And Nine and Survivor? Just don’t trust them to schedule this reliably. The reschedule at whim attitude always gets me annoyed. Not that I have much interest anymore but what did happen to Hell’s Kitchen? And HomeMade – this is suddenly down to one episode this week.

Beauty and the Geek. Pass. Unless they make the Masterchef Beauty and The Greek version, seeing George is now officially a sex thimble.