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Another Masterchef Australia Cookbook

George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan will be penning a cookbook together according to Perth Now

Matt Lee from So You Think You Can Dance To Star In Mary Poppins

Matt Lee the judge from SYTYCD will have a busy year in 2010, with news he will take on the role of the chimney sweep in a stage musical of Mary Poppins. Clearly he is a triple threat who can sing and act as well as dance.

Matt Lee who obviously does not like what I write about him on this blog has blocked me from reading his twitter account, so chances of an invite to opening night – zero.

So You Think You Can Dance Judge Matt Lee To Play Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins

Matt Lee will be having a very busy schedule next year as he will play the role of the chimney sweep in the stage musical of Mary Poppins. Clearly he is a triple threat as he will have to sing and act as well as dance. (Source

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – The Top 20 has been decided.

Natalie Bassingthwaite, host of SYTYCD Australia, has told TV Tonight that the top 20 is now locked in for series three, which will  start early next year.

She said producers have some new ideas to shake up the format.

Interview With Hayley Warner From Australian Idol

Hayley is interviewd by Who Mag about her thoughts on being on Australia Idol. Also this Daily Telegraph article indicates that Sony will be signing her whether she wins or loses.

Jordin Sparks Not Making The Australian Idol Final

NY Post reports that Jordin Sparks won’t be making to Sydney to sing a duet with Guy Sebastian at the Australian Idol grand fina as she had to have her appendix removed. She is still recovering from the operation.

Taylor Not Talking To Rachel Zoe

Taylor has revealed to Meotive that she is no longer communicating with her former boss, stylist Rachel Zoe. She also says she has never seen a full episode of the show.

It would appear Bethenny Frankal from the Real Housewives of NYC is not a fan of her Bravo TV stable mate as well if this Ok  magazine article is true.

Susan Boyle From UK Got Talent Has Released An Album

Susan Boyle who was one of reality TV’s sensations this year, and not just because of her voice. She had to go into a psych hospital after she became runner-up and there was much debate whether she was too vulnerable to put up with the rigours of stardom. Anyhow she has now put out an album which is full of ballads, covers of course. The Guardian reviews it and gives it two out of five stars. Basically for fans only.

Interview With Blayne Walsh’s Project Runway

For fans of the Season Five designer Blayne Walsh here is an interview with him which says what he has been up to.
Also the latest series of Project Runway has finished screening, and there is still no news on when we will get it over here. Since it is no longer with Bravo (it is on Lifestyle) Arena maynot get first dibs on it.


1 Liss { 11.21.09 at 7:54 am }

I can’t wait for Mary Poppins to open! That will be FABULOUS.

RZ and Bethenny had a twitter scrag fight a couple of months ago.. they DO NOT get along. Apparently they were acquantainces many moons ago. Bethenny thinks Rachel is shallow, and pretty much called it on twitter.

2 TDK { 11.21.09 at 9:25 am }

Susan Boyle must have a lot of fans for it to go to amazon’s most pre-ordered album in its history.