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Idol Gossip!

It has been a busy week in Idol PR land where the publicists slowly drip feed the awaiting public tidbits of information on the contestants.

However they have not been able to control it all.

Holly who was voted off on Monday – which I predicted – and immediately turned around and shitbagged the program. Saying it was not the right avenue for her… What hypocrisy -if she had managed to schlep through to the final three she would have thought it was utopia.

She will slink back to Mildura to continue to pour VB schooners never to be heard of again. Who can ever remember the first person voted of Idol in the past years. I don’t think one of them ever achieved even a modicum of fame nor achieved a record contract.

Her best hope for her next 2 seconds of fame is to be bridesmaid at Jesse wedding to James Blundell.

Speaking of which hopefully this week will be the last time we have to read about that nauseating romance in the gossip mags.

Your intrepid blogger disguised as a can of baked beans managed to scan read the Womans Day article in her local supermarket. Where it embarassingly said that after her semifinal show Blundell was all over her like a rash – and the Channell 10 people felt sorry for her. I had to grab some alka selza on the way out to quell my heaving stomach.

The saga continued the next day in New Idea where the wife spoke out. Saying she was devasted when he walked out – however managed to outline in many ways what a prick he was. So why did she want him to stay??

Good on her for being smart enough to get a plug in for her website business You’ve Been Gifted. Link here she needs all the help she can get as she quite rightly pointed out she won’t be getting much alimony out of him!