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Idol Gossip

Tarasai to release a single.

The Daily Terror today states that Tarasai she of the major dummy spit (probably not uncalled for) from last years Australian Idol will be releasing a single a soul number called The One.

She will be singing the new single at a cage fighting bout at Luna Park next Friday night.

I only have one question what is cage fighting?

American Idol Contestants now moved from My Space pages to own websites.
American Idol contestants win hands down for savviness in self promotion to try and garner the all important audience vote. A My Space page was de rigueur for any finalist in Idol or SYTYCD last season.

Kirsty-Lee Cook has her own website with videos of her performances outside of Idol. I am presuming she has made the top 24.

Kirsty-Lee was the girl from Oregon who had sell a horse to get to the Idol audition. However it was revealed on the web she had previously had a record contract, so was not the amateur the producers were trying to portray her as.