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Farmer Wants A Wife Most of the Farmers are from NSW.

In a surprise for the single girls in Sydney suffering man drought, the Daily Terror says that 7 of the 12 farmers on the show will be from regional NSW.

Channel 9 must be desperate to get this well rating show on as they are now reduced to showing Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares twice a week.

Exit interview with David Hernandez he was surprised to go.

EW interview with David Hernandez he is hoping to put an album out at some stage.

Seattle Band accuse David Cook of ripping off their cover version of Eleanor Rigby has a story where Seattle band Doxology are saying David Cook’s rendition was very similar to theirs. They don’t want money, they just want recognition for it.

Asia’H so upset at not making top 12 she left the Idol Party early.
Useless Place says that Idol castoff Asia’h Epperson was torn up and overwhelmed, staying only for a few minutes before leaving.

Asia’h also blamed being the first person to sing last week rather then her performance in an interview with Reality TV World. The vagaries of reality tv darling, just like the SYTYCD contestants are finding here in Australia.

Entertaining article from journo who attended American Idol live show – top 12 night

Here is an EW article which I found quite amusing and thorough outlining the being there live on the Beatles night. Apparently the new set is OTT.