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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Auditon 1 – Sydney

The auditions started off as they ended last year, with a sob story. Chanelle who had scoliosis  made it to the top 100 last year, but has auditioned again this year and got put through.

Speaking of last year did Bonnie’s fluro green leather jacket make a reappearance or was it just very similar to a purple one she wore last year?

SYTYCDA have started with the Sydney auditions, so obviously they want to put some of the best dancers in their first episodes to hook the viewers in. It was the same drill as last year. You could either be put straight through to the top 100, or be sent through to choreography lead by Kelley Abbey. Oh and the third option was just a big NO.

Red a B boy who supposedly looked like Matt Lee,  the main resemblance being they both wear fedora hats. He was sent to choreography, but bombed out. By the way when he was in choreography I thought he did look like Matt.

Jessica and Damien have been ballroom (latin american) dancing together for three weeks. In the audition you could tell it was a new partnership but they were not too bad. They were sent through to choreography. Both got through the top100.

Forever was an interesting  dancer, with a sad clown like face, and a Mia Michaels like dance. At this point I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female. I don’t know if it was the operatic music, the makeup or the dramatic movement but I thought it was mesmerising. By the way Forever was a girl, and she was put through to the top 100.

Michael reminded me of Mark Nakamura from last years US SYTYCD. Mark being a ten times better dancer. He actually is an accountant and the first one I have seen in a long time with a personality. He did not get put through but he was entertaining.

Rosa a self taught hip hop dancer who said her family had never seen her dance. So they will have seen her dance tonight. She was put through to choreography. She popped there and got the ticket through to the top 100.

Stephen who had been overseas performing in Cats was an amazing charismatic dancer, I will be surprised if he does not make top 20. Jason like his performance as it had a “male energy”. He made it through to the top 100.

Don another top 100 dancer was back. He was a hip hop dancer, personally I thought he was a bit unspectacular. But clearly I am not a hip hop expert as he was given a ticket straight to Sydney. And Bonnie is showing her craziness already by declaring she wanted to see him in the top 20.

Max ( a girl) did some crazy type of dancing, the judges hated it but she was sent through to choreography. Next was her brother Sisqo who again did some lame arse hip hop, and an attempt at popping. Robert Muraine has nothing to worry about. Jason  loved it. And he was given a ticket straight through to the top 100.

I think I may have to outsource my hip hop critques as I clearly have no idea about this genre.

Max got a tongue lashing from Jason Coleman after she said she preferred Kelley Abbey’s choreography to Matt Lee’s last year. “I find that really offensive” Jason growled. “It is like comparing Sydney to Melbourne.” To be honest I am not sure what he meant by that, as people are always comparing these two cities. But bye bye top 100 for her. 

Considering how Brent St dominated in the top 20 last year, Christian was going to have to come out and faint to not get through as his parent’s are the owners of the leading dance school. Jason and the other judges were talking in superlatives. Expect to see him in the top 20. Jason even gave him a pep talk as he handed him the ticket to the top 100. “Just remember you are brilliant, but this competition is about growth, so don’t become complacent.

David Denis, the brother of last year’s top 20 contestant Hilton auditioned. He is not as good as his brother his feet were all over the place, even though his eyes were looking at them the whole time. He was put through to choreography, and eventually got his ticket to the top 100.

Kat reminded me of Rhiannon from last year, and was sent straight through to the top 100.

Jasmine & Shaun a brother and sister jive team did a fun routine. They had a sob story  which was quite moving as it showed up the differing ambitions that asian children can have from their immigrant parents. “I just wish my parents understood me” wept Jasmine.  Jasmine got through to the top 100 but her brother was left behind. Her father surprised her by turning up. Ok Channel Ten it worked as I teared up. 

Stacy a hip hop chick got put through to choreography.

Pania was another girl hip hop dancer, she was not as good as Stacy but Jason wanted to put her through to the top 100. Matt was not happy that Bonnie agreed with Jason, as he just wanted to put her through choreography.

Get used to it Matt, Jason has the power vote on this year’s panel.

Charlie a boy from Dubbo who was engaging but a bit all over the place was sent through to choreography. He got through to the top 100.

Emmanuel a self taught hip hop artist got put through to the top 100 after Bonnie again sided with Jason over Matt. Do I sense some tension brewing? I hope so. The panel needs a bit more frission in it.

Sari was the last dancer for the day and she was a good dancer. Jason Coleman said no to her because he did not like her wearing a floppy t-shirt. So blokes can wear floppy t-shirts but girls cannot, how sexist is he? Anyway a few tears and confessions about how she did not like her body and she was through to the choreography round. Once she had a leotard on she got her ticket to the top 100.

That was it from Sydney they did not tell us how many tickets were handed out. Just a note to the producers if you are going to edit out of sequence just make Bonnie and the boys wear the same outfit for two days, I counted three outfits on supposed day 1, and again the same three appeared on day 2.

If you want to see more of tonight’s auditions go to the official site


1 bella vita { 02.02.09 at 2:41 am }

Interesting show….I find it funny to see so many dancers on there who have obviously been trained by Jason in the past (and he doesnt even acknowledge them when he sees them) Anyone in the dance world knows that he has taught prob 5 or so of the people on tonights show.

I thought Forever was amazing…too much hype about Christian from Brent Street, and the guy from Cats was fantastic too.

Too many past people from last year…should have a rule that they cant re-audition again if they make the Top 100.

2 Culinary Boner { 02.02.09 at 9:42 am }

The equation with those Denis brothers has a rubgy league analogy (footy season can’t come quick enough imo) like so:
– Hilton = Israel Falou (NRL superstar, now with the Bronocs)
– David = Tevita Falou (Issy’s bro and recently cut from second division team The Newtown Jets coz he’s a dud)

3 reality raver { 02.02.09 at 11:45 am }

Bella Vita – I agree, they should be more up front about the ones that Jason has known or taught as it must be an advantage.
I think if they restricted people who had previously made it to the top 100 it would cut out a lot of talent.

Christian may find it hard to get the popular vote, as there does seem a sense of entitlement about him. I must say I was impressed by the talent, but then they did start in Sydney maybe I won’t be quite so impressed when they hit Perth or Adelaide…

Culinary Boner – I had never thought of it that way but I will be very surprised if David makes it to the top 20.

4 onadrought { 02.02.09 at 5:48 pm }

The father turning up just shows how staged reality TV is.

5 Reality Raver { 02.04.09 at 10:34 am }

Onadrought- Agree what would they have done if he had come charging in and demanded she not go on the show?

6 Dance_Lover { 03.13.09 at 8:08 pm }

Does anyone know the song name and artist of the ‘Forever’ dances rutine? It would be really hellpfull if anyone did.

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