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American Idol – The Top 36

I didn’t watch the Top 36 show last night and I am just watched it now. The good thing is when you are not blogging on it you can just fast forward through all the bad songs and there were a lot.

The highlight for me was Doogie Howser (he will always be Doogie to me) in the front row sitting beside Ted Hanson. I had a are Ted and Doogie on together moment. I quickly slapped myself to get my mind out of the gutter.

Tatiana was  not the worse singer of the night with her song Saving All My Love For You.  She cried when she did not get through. Previously I would have thought she could have done some male magazine modelling  but has Ms Del Toro put on about 10 kgs between top 100 week and now?  I am kind of hoping they put Tatiana through on the wild card.

Alexis Grace deservedly got a spot. Michael Sarver the oil rigger somehow got in probably because he had the best song choice of the night, and Danny Gokey got the third spot.

Now last night everyone went crazy about Danny the church music director who sang Heroes by Mariah Carey, and yes it was a very solid version of the song but the only reason I didn’t fast forward it was because I knew he had made it into the top 12.

I feel sorry that his wife died, but really that tragedy must be pulling in the votes for him. On the other hand the only other bloke who was half way decent last night was Anoop.

Special guest singers were Carly Smithson, who I barely recognised, and the hunky Michael Johns. His album is coming out in May.

Hopefully the next top 36 show has some better performances than last nights.


1 Injera { 02.20.09 at 9:02 am }

Haven’t watched it yet – it’s on the DVR – so I’m glad I can FF the weak moments! As for Tatiana and the wild card, I am torn. Part of me finds her so irritating that I need a drink to get through it; the other part recognises that she is one of the only contestants to elicit any sort of emotional response from me and therefore should stay. Aaaargh!

2 Injera { 02.20.09 at 2:52 pm }

Have seen it now… I’m disappointed that Anoop didn’t go through (he’s my hope for a wild card). I think you are spot-on with your call on Danny. His rendition of Heroes was solid, but not particularly memorable, and he really needs to work on not breathing at random spots during the music. Kara’s commentary on his performance really did underline the importance of his “story” to his progression in the comp – all that “you give us hope” stuff. Huh? Hope? He’s not the President, dude!

Oh, and love the Doogs…

3 Reality Raver { 02.22.09 at 9:36 pm }

Injera thanks for not thinking me evil about the Danny comment. I wouldn’t worry about Anoop I think he will certainly be in the wildcard round. I am still undecided about Kara. She is a bit of a gibberer. I notice Randy is a bit more lively this year possibly because he thinks his contract is up.