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Winner Of Ladette To Lady Nicole Mitchell Being Called A Lush

Apparently Ladette to Lady winner Nicole Mitchell was spotted buying ONE can of Jim Beam and coke. Now personally I don’t think that means she has gone back to her Ladette ways. It may mean the attempt by KRudd to increase the price of alcopops is still having an effect.

Guy Sebastian Loving Living in New York

The Daily Tele has an article where Guy Sebastian talks about how he is likes New York. Lucky bugger it is the greatest city. He is in Oz at the moment doing some shows. Playing at Crown Casino tonight. Rest of tour dates here.

Ladette’s Apparently Played Up When Filming The Reunion Special.

The Michael Duffy Files castigates Miranda Devine for being shocked the Ladette’s played up when they had a chance. Apparently they were acting like rock stars instead of reality TV stars and trashed the hotel rooms and swam topless in the hotel pool.

Rhys Uhlich To Host A Bikini Contest In Darwin

Well he hasn’t turned into the next Alice Burdeau the winner of inaugural and looking like the only season of Make Me  A Supermodel Rhys Uhlich and he is MC a bikini contest in Darwin. Full details here.. It appears he won’t be catching up with NT contestant Sarah as he reveals they did not get on.

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