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Australian Idol – Final 3

The penultimate episode on Australian Idol, the one where the voting public decides who gets to walk up the Opera House steps.

James Mathison bounced out feeling invigorated from him headlining a Free Burma demonstration yesterday. Normally I am not an advocate for celebrities mixing politics, but in this case it was appropriate, not just because of the Burmese Government’s appalling behaviour, but he also has a personal connection with his grandmother being Burmese.

Now enough of the handwringing and on with the show.

Andrew G is growing a moustache for Movember, some sort of charity event that raises money for something, most likely to do with sick kiddies. But this week he looked like he was morphing into a ’70’s porn star with the handlebar moustache.

Tonight the Idol’s were singing two songs each, one that a viewer had suggested, and one of their own choosing.

Natalie Gauci was first out. Her viewer a male nurse from Townsville, was asked by Andrew G what he liked about Natalie, he was stuttering her voice, the great range, what he was clearly thinking was her tits.

He chose Ray of Light by Madonna. This was always going to be a difficult song as the original always had alot going on in it other then Madonna’s voice.
Yes it was a bit high, but I did not mind it compared to other performances tonight.

I thought she looked great. Second last show and they finally realise she looks better in pants. However slight muffin top moment when she stretch up and her body suit pulled up revealing sides of flesh. Kyle for once either did not notice it or was too polite to say anything.

Carl Risley – sang “You Give Me Something” by Van Morrison. He looked like an extra from the movie Boogie Nights with black leather pants, and a shirt open to the waist. Is ’70’s porn fashion back in? Come to think of it Sheridan Tyler has some strange facial hair happening as well.

In the shops this summer should we expect satin hot pants, matched with t-shirts with logo of Deep Throat on it. And I ain’t talking about Watergate.

Any way Carl was so boring I started to think his only possibility for continuing an entertainment career might be in an erotic movie. It is interesting that there has been no Idol’s with any home sex movies emerging onto the world wide web. Australian’s don’t appear to be as keen to get their most intimate acts film, unlike the Americans who tend to see it as an extension of reality tv.

Though some former Australian Idol contestants could consider making a “home movie” just to increase their profile when they are releasing a new single. Cosima may find this strategy particularly beneficial, as her post idol career appears to be limping to an end.

The judges thought Carl was good, I was not taking much notice, as I was distracted by the huge cleavage on the girl sitting behind Marcia.

Kyle said people will vote for Carl, as they know exactly what they are going to get. I reckon he is a bit like going to MacDonalds. You think you want it but once you get it it is bland, one dimensional and tasteless, and you know there is better elsewhere.

Carl Risley girlfriend has obviously learnt a bit since being in the media spotlight ie. audience. From frump with hair in pony tail and no make up, to looking cute with blow dried hair and makeup. Maybe she knows he is now in danger of being pinched by a Home and Away starlet.

Matt Corby viewer picked Evermore’s “It’s Too Late.”

I knew the ’80’s was well and truly back in when he came onto the stage and I was looking at a brunette Nik Kershaw .

I am feeling particularly underwhelmed by Matt Corby at the moment, how different was it from any other songs he has sung. The judges obviously want him to win, as I suspect the record company BMG does too, however an album of stuff that he is currently singing will be mind numbing.

Then the Andrew G and James plugged the headandshoulders competition where the winner gets their favourite idol to come around and perform at your home to 20 of your friends. All I could think of was did they have to be from this years show?

Natalie’s choice of song was “Nobody Knows” by Pink. Apparently a well known song but I had never heard of it. I liked the song and how she sang it. Judges also gave it the thumbs up.

I was appalled by the culottes she was wearing – I thought they came into fashion for a minute earlier this year. They are not a good look unless your name is Kate Moss.

Other fashion disasters were also seen on Natalie on her potential album cover photo shoot. I noted that the two boys got location (outdoor) shots while she did not. Does the record company know the polling from the past weeks, and Carl and Matt are top two.

Carl Risley– Sang “For Once In My Life” badly. Even though the BMG Sony record exec was gushing about Carl’s marketability extending from the grannies to the young girls, I don’t see it.

If I wanted to listen to this genre, which I don’t, I will listen to the master Frank Sinatra or his apprentice Buble`.

Matt Corby in the lucky last position, the producers were leaving nothing to chance to get him to the Opera House sang a Beatles number “Across the Universe”.

What has it been with this season and Beatles songs, there must have been five on this years show. Also why is a 17 year old sing a beatles song? He did not even change the arrangement.

Also wore the hat and sat on that chair again. I thought I was in Groundhog Day. Of course Mark Holden thought it was great, probably still pissed from Melbourne Cup day where he tied one on in the Birdcage.

All the judges did the usual, “so talented”, “huge career ahead”, you would have thought they were talking about the next Chris Martin of Coldplay fame.

I was amused when Kyle called him straight, he is clearly just as bewildered by the conservatism of this youth as I am.

Prediction Matt, and Natalie to be walking those steps to the screaming fans.