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The Amazing Race – Final 7

Where do the producers find the contestants for these shows? In a season where the majority of the remaining competitors are nice, there are a few that are just completely vile.

Can we just lock Rob, Kimberley, and Peter in a room together and throw away the key? These are very ugly Americans. Sarah, the disabled triathlete who is Peter’s girlfriend has been saying she is seeing sides of him she does not like. I doubt this relationship will last the distance once the race is completed. Dump him girl.

Also the camera men who have to shadow these pairs should get extra pay for having to be surrounded by such unpleasant personalities. Sarah is the exception of the four.

Do these people when they watch the episodes on TV feel embarrassed about how they are portrayed? It would be very hard not to be.

Anyway back to the race. After the two gay New York boys blubbed their way out of the race last week, it was time for Rob and Kimberly to be the first to leave So Sim Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam at 1.47am.

They were to fly to Chennai, India. The contestants were to take the train to Hanoi, where they were to get tickets at a travel agency (as you cannot by tickets at the airport) then fly to India.

Because the train station did not open until 5.00am all the teams caught up. The beauty queens were particularly happy about this as they were the last to leave the pit stop.

James and Tyler, the former addict models, again this episode kept on moralising about how bad drugs were and how it had affected their life, it was starting to get tedious. Yes we get the message “Don’t Do Drugs”.

Erwin and Godwin decided to mind fuck the other contestants with a fake mobile phone on the train. Peter fell for it hook line and sinker and went and found a real mobile phone and made airline ticket bookings for him and the beauty queens.

Would Erwin and Godwin’s prank back fire on them?

Once they hit Hanoi they all scattered to different travel agencies. Unfortunately for the Kentucky’s and the Koreans, the one they went to had moved. However fortunately for them in Hanoi travel agents are as common as Starbucks is in New York! Always one just around the corner.

Peter and Sarah, and the Beauty Queens were on a flight via Bangkok that would land them in Chennai, at 12.00pm the next day.

The former drug fucked models and Rob and Kimberly were on a flight via Singapore that would get them into Chennai via Delhi at 9.20am.

The Koreans were on a flight via Hong Kong that would get them into Chennai via Delhi at 9.20am as well.

As the Koreans were working in an alliance with the Kentucky’s and the single mums from Alabama, when they got to the airport, they informed them of what flight they were on. The two teams went and found the Cathay Pacific office to change their flights, however could not confirm tickets from Delhi, to Chennai, so they were going to have to take a punt.

Then the Koreans told David and Sarah, and the Beauty Queens what flight they were on. I thought these boys were going to be contenders, as they had brains and brawn. Except they were showing no signs of strategy.

Their blabbing was particularly annoying as David had been paying out on The Kentucky’s like they were white trash, with the beauty queens obligingly sniggering along. I know who I would prefer to stuck on a deserted island with.

However Sarah and David, and the Beauty Queens decided to stick with their flights, and see what they could get in Bangkok. A strategy which paid off as they were able to change flights and arrive the earliest of the teams at 7.50am.

I thought it was a strategic stuff up by the Barbies to not tell the other two about the new flight they were on to Chennai considering Sarah and David were almost certain going to get the same flight. So now they have just damaged another alliance. Bad karma.

The others all met up in Delhi, with the single mums getting tickets on the flight, with the poor Kentucky’s being left behind. They finally got on an Air Sahara flight which would land at 10.30am, not knowing that the two teams via Bangkok had switched flights they thought they may have been ok.

Once landed the teams were to take a bus to Mammalpuram to an arts and craft shop to find their next clue.

Detour – Wild Things or Wild Rice.

Wild thing was moving a crocodile with two wranglers, and Wild Rice was to go to a temple to fill out an intricate pattern with different coloured wild rice. The crocs was always going to be quicker and easier.

Barbie aka the beauty queens were first to head to the croc park, but then got a flat tyre, with David and Sarah overtaking them.

They completed it and were first to get the next clue which was to head back to Chennai to some driving school.

However as buses only went every 30 mins the Beauty queens caught up with them at the bus stop. However the Peter and Sarah were able to spend the time alone fighting. Sarah said “She was not having fun anymore.”

Then the Alabaman mums and the Koreans decided to do the wild rice thing, however it was too hot, and they decided to switch to the crocs. Wise move.

Kimberly and Rob went straight to the crocs and were waiting in 3rd place at the bus stop to get back to Chennai when the Alabaman’s and the Koreans caught up.

Tyler and James who were having a horror day with cab drivers decided to do the wild rice design, and when the Kentucky’s arrived at the craft shop they also they decided to do the Wild Rice detour. Husband Kentucky quite rightly wanted to do the croc’s but was overridden.

Back to Chennai, and it was Roadblock time. The competitors had to sit their Indian driver’s licence test, by sitting through a verbal lesson on road rules, and then go out in a car with an instructor into the chaotic traffic that is India. However the instructor was able to control the car with brakes on his side of the car.

David did the roadblock and was first to the pit stop. They then had to drive the car with the instructor to the pit stop to the Chettinad House, a beautiful indian palace. Nice place for them to stay for once.

As they were winners of this leg they both won a home gym system. Sarah will be relieved it is not a holiday she would have to spend with him!

Second to arrive were the beauty queens, then Rob and Kimberly. So being awful obviously is an advantage in this game.

Fourth were Erwin and Kimberley, closely followed by Lyn and Karlyn, the single mums.

Tyler and James snuck into 6th position, and last were the Kentucky’s.

However lucky for them this was a non-elimination round. They got to keep their goods and chattels, however they were told if they did not arrive first, they would get a 30 minute penalty. Fingers crossed lets hope they can stay in for another week.

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1 dicso queen { 01.11.08 at 1:16 pm }

you should have a look at the amazing race game on facebook. it goes through the whole 12 series and is quite fun for 10 minutes.