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Jordan Loukas to try acting
The Daily Terror today states taht Jordan Loukas has signed on with Mark Byrne Management to try her hand at acting.

Her modelling career has not taken off as hoped after the reality series Runway to LA that was screen last year on Fox 8. Loukas has now been bitten by the acting bug. She has already been to castings for a soap opera, a drama and a new series. Good Luck.

Jason Coleman to open a dance studio in Melbourne
Jason Coleman one of the judges on SYTYCD Australia, is planning to relocate from Sydney to Melbourne to open a dance studio. He plans to open it in May.

It should be a popular studio, as his profile has now sky rocketed into the mainstream since his gig on SYTYCD.

How dumb are you Denise lunch lady from Survivor China?
Denise the lunch lady who finished top 4 on Survivor China at the renunion had said that she had not been able to get her old job back, and Mark Burnett the Producer, gave her $50,000.

However there was more to the story then meets the eye, as apparently prior to her leaving she was given the janitor’s job which is a higher wage. Clearly she was not totally transparent about her situation, and obviously she was going to be found out. Click here for full story including the schools press release refuting her sob story.

Lesson if you are going to spin bullshit make sure it is not on a high rating tv show, as you will get caught out. Clearly she does “suck at life”.