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American Idol – Top 8 men.

Tonight there was eight men performing ’80s songs in what was a pretty strong show by the guys.

American Idol is a bit like Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance, where the males appear to be much stronger then the females.

The first male onstage was Luke Mennard who sang “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham.

This guy is indeed the weakest male left, and hopefully will be voted out this week by the discerning American public. Lets hope the AI voters are a a different demographic voting then the ones who inflicted George W Bush on the world.

Luke should smoulder as he is good looking, but he has absolutely no sex appeal.

Tonight his singing was camper then George Michaels, so Luke seriously needs to man up. Besides all that his singing voice is weak.

Randy Jackson said: “Rushing ahead of the band” , and ” A little corny”
Paula Abdul said: “I loved your interpretation of it”
Simon Cowell said: “Didn’t like it, weak, a bit girly, no way you will win and doubt you will get through to the final 12″. Well put Simon.

Next was David Archuleta who was going to sing Phil Collins “Another Day in Paradise.” To me this song is so overplayed on radio stations, and oh so bad.

However I loved David’s version of it he made a turgid song listenable. For weeks I have been refraining from jumping on the ever blossoming David Archuleta bandwagon, but I must confess after tonight I had climbed on board. His piano playing was good, however I would have preferred him to play the instrument the whole way through, rather then just using it as a performance tool.

I did climb off again once he had a Bono jnr moment by saying he chose the song to highlight the plight of the homeless.

Randy Jackson said: “Nice, couple of pitch problems there”
Paula just gushed.
Simon said “Wasn’t as good as last week, need to lighten up a bit”. “Will make it through to the final 12 and probably make top 2”

Not sure if that is a good sign for David, as last week Simon said Alaina Whittaker was a dark horse in the competition and less then 24 hours later she was gone.

Next was one of my favourites Danny Noriega who did a very camp rendition of “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

He had clearly encompassed the spirit of the ’80’s and he must of had to show great restraint not to do a Culture Club song.

The second half of the song was better then the first. However I think this week Danny may be in danger of being knocked out.

Randy said “Bit pitchy – come on with the vocals you can do this”
Paula said “You are a bright light in this competition”
Simon said “Thought it horrible the whole thing”, “Hated the arrangement and performance”

David Hernandez who has now been outed on the internet as a lap dancer in a gay club seemed in a particularly perky mood. (Previous post here. )

He now felt he was able to let out his inner diva by singing a Celine Dion song. David is growing on me, as previously I thought he was bland, however his voice and personality is starting to come through.

Unfortunately for Danny, David is now splitting the gay vote.

Randy said “Pitch problems – over hit notes”
Simon said “Not as good as last week, but secured you a place in the finals on that performance”

Aussie Michael Johns was next singing “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. However his performance was very much like Michael Hutchene from Inxs. I wondered at this point whether he had auditioned for Rock Star with they were looking for a new lead singer of Inxs???

I don’t particularly like this overplayed song but he did a fairly good rendition of it. I think Simon summed it up when he said “I like it, I didn’t love it”, “Huge talent, you haven’t quite connect with the right song and haven’t had your moment”.

Next up was a surprisingly good David Cook singing “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie. He played his guitar which helped with the sex appeal factor. Though I am unsure how his guitar playing enhanced the musicality of the song.

Randy said “Brilliant”
Simon said ” A very brave thing to do and I loved it”, “I like people who take a few risks” . He also added he had bumped into Lionel last week at Wholefoods, Simon was buying carrots, and Lionel cereal. So even famous people like to name drop.

Jason Castro one of the judges faves sang “Hallelujah” which was written by Leonard Cohen, but most famously covered by Jeff Buckley.

Jason had done as requested and dropped the guitar this week, and sang a fine rendition of the song. For me I have heard better and the last Hallelujah note he butchered. But the judges loved it.

Randy said “High level of difficulty”
Paula said “He was unique and recognisable”
Simon (who I thought would pan it) said” Brilliant”, “One of my favourite performances of the night”.

Last up was the very bland Chikezie singing “She fills me up” which has been covered by everyone.

He sang it well but it was just very good hotel lounge singing.
Randy said ” Weird song choice”, “Did a good job”
Paula said “Vocals sounded really good tonight”
Simon had an episode that he was singing a Whitney cover song so put the boot in by saying “Much more cabaret this week”.

This was the last night of semi’s and those who get through are into the final 12. I hope Luke Mennard and Chikezie get voted off, but I suspect Danny Noriega may falter at the final hurdle.


1 soobee { 03.07.08 at 5:47 am }

I think Luke is out. Not sure about Chikeazy (easier to spell that way). I don’t think Danny can sing well, but he is sort of like Sanjaya, only more talented.

My favorites:
David A (has fallen to number 4)
David C (new favorite)
Jason (at number 2)
Michael (at number 3)

2 Reality Raver { 03.07.08 at 9:03 pm }

Hi Soobee,

Thanks for coming back to my blog.

I hope Luke is out as he has been appalling 2 weeks in a row.

I like Danny’s personality he is not bland. I wish I had seen Sanjaya. I am not sure if I saw that season.

I must confess my fave is Danny not the strongest singer, but the Hernandez guy is growing on me. Also I like Micheal Johns but feel he has sort of flat lined in the last few weeks.