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Sarah Wilson Host of Masterchef Australia says the show won’t be Gordon Ramsayesque

In the Herald Sun Sarah Wilson spoke about Masterchef Australia and in particular the tone of the show.

“It’s not your typical reality format which encourages narkiness,” she says.

“We’re not here to give these people a hard time – it’s all about mentoring and being positive.”

One of the mentors, Melbourne chef-of-the-moment George Calombaris from The Press Club, says he will be looking for passion.

“Everyone thinks they can cook, but to be able to go forward, to be a visionary, to completely understand what food is all about, that comes from the heart.”

Reality TV May Be Crap But It Is At The Forefront Of Showing Ethnic Diversity On TV

What do Jessica Mauboy, Casey Donovan, Hilton Dennis, Guy Sebastian, and Thanh Nui have in common? They are people who are non-anglo and have been a part of a successful TV show. Melinda Houston in an article in The Age says that reality TV shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance show ethnic diversity which reflects the multicultural society we live in. This is unlike some famous Australian soap operas…

 Allana Cini Will Be vying for one of the Farmers on Farmer Wants A Wife

With Series 3 of Farmer Wants A Wife going to air next month we are getting little vignettes of the people who will be on the show. The Courier has a small article about Allana Cini a 29 year old teacher who will be vying for the affections of Damien the sheep farmer.