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Reality ity TV Shows That We May Or May Not Be Getting In Australia

Bravo TV has announced it is doing a real life Gossip Girl with a reality TV show set around some New York private school kids. These affluent teenagers are entrenched in the Manhatten social circle. Hopefully Arena  will pick up their option on this show. More info on the show and cast here..

Another show which has obviously  been inspired by the recession is Someone’s Gotta Go, a show where a company where lets the employees decide who should get the chop. Further details here.

Lastly there are some shows I am glad we don’t get to see here, one in particular is called The Cougar a show like The Bachelor  where an older woman gets to pick which younger guy she would like to go out with. More details  here.

SYTYCD Choreographer Released From Jail.

Alex Da Silva who had been arrested on rape charges has been released from jail. Apparently there was not enough evidence at this stage to charge him. Full story NY Times

How is Kara DioGuardi Going On American Idol?

TelevisionGearLive has an interview with new American Idol judge on how she thinks she is going on the show.

Melbourne Woman Accused Of Stalking American Idol Runner-Up Diana DeGarmo

A 23 year old Australian woman Tanya Quattrocchi has been accused of stalking Diana DeGarmo who was runner up to Fantasia Barrino. The woman may have psychiatric issues. Full story on SMH..

Anthony Update Sydney Classes Information

If you were wondering what Anthony Ikin is up to you, he has dance schools on the Gold Coast and Sydney more information on is website Ikin Dance.


1 Injera { 04.11.09 at 6:38 pm }

Just saw this on Monkey See:
Hitched or Ditched:Couples who have dated for a long time are nominated by their friends, who think it’s time for them to either break up or get married. If they accept the challenge, then they set a wedding date in a week, and during that week, they decide whether to get married or not.” (

That sounds… healthy? Of course, if Arena brings it over here, I’ll definitely be watching!

2 Reality Raver { 04.11.09 at 8:51 pm }

Injera I just want to know who thinks up these shite shows? I would give my left arm to sit in a Bravo development meeting. It must involve copious amounts of alcohol.