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Rumour That Wes Carr and Jessica Mauboy May Be Making A Duet

Let’s hope it stays a rumour, as it would be a mismatched pair. He’s rock/folk and she is urban. I presume his minders will tell him to stay well away from this fuckery. Just say no Wes. Full story here.

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino To Get Her Own Reality TV Show

Fantasia who had some financial woes last year has signed up to do a reality TV which will be on US screens in 2010.  The camera’s will be following her around to show her life. I feel there could be some craziness to be seen on it.

Further details here.

Ryan Seacrest Dating A Girl

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has apparently been dating actress/bartender Jasmine Waltz. Seacrest who has been subject to numerous gay rumours over the years has been dating Jasmine for several months. Is she a beard?

More information with a picture of the couple here.

Project Runway’s Kenley Collins Pleads In Court

Kenley who allegedly through her pussy (the feline variety) at her fiancee has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and copped a $120 fine. More details here.

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