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Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell still in love

Australian Idol runner up Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell have just spent two weeks holidaying in the USA. Tres Fab Sweetie Blog has photos and more details of itinerary and sightseeing.

Charlotte Dawson Loses Male Blow Up Doll In An All Girl Catholic School

SMH has a story of Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson wrestling with a male blow up doll on her balcony. Apparently a gust of wind blew up and it floated off to the nearby all girl school, never to be sighted again. She denies it is her new boyfriend. 

Internet Phenomenon Susan Boyle Continues To Fascinate

NY Mag gives a quick summary on the impact that Susan Doyle has had on people since she perform I Dare To Dream  on Britain’s Got Talent. If you have not heard of her you must have been living under a rock for the past week, as there have been 20 million hits on YouTube of her performance.

NY Mag in a different article also discusses whether Susan should have a makeover. As long as plastic surgery involved I don’t see why not.

Toby Young To Be  A Guest Judge On Top Chef Next Season

Apparently the english judge with the acerbic wit will be alternating with luscious Food and Wine Mag Hag Gail Simmons. Some people will be disappointed by this. But I like both of them as they have a different style, and it is good there is going to be a next season. But The Feedbag is not happy that Toby Young is back and suggests some alternate judges. Personally I think he is being a bit ridiculous.

American Idol To Go Back To Normal Judging This Week

Rumour has it that American Idol will go back to the original judging format this week, where each judge will get to comment on all the performances. Last week with only two of the judges commenting on each song did not work. Obviously the producers have decided to fix this debacle ASAP.

Project Runway Season 7 Will Be Filmed In New York

With Project Runway season 6 to be screened soon in the US, the production company has started casting for season 7 of the highly popular TV show.

After filming season 6 in Los Angeles, they will now take the show back to New York. Full story here.


1 Injera { 04.19.09 at 2:17 pm }

I’m torn as to whether I enjoy watching Toby Young or not. Sounds daft, but it’s complicated.

His responses to the Feedbag posts do show that he is a decent chap who clearly takes himself less seriously than his detractors do:

2 reality raver { 04.20.09 at 2:44 pm }

I thought he was good, and not as acerbic as I expected him to be. Must confess if the ebay auction for dinner with him was in Australia, I WOULD be bidding on it. A fine thing to do with the Rudd bonus.