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Charlotte Dawson to host new reality TV show The Contender

The Sun Herald reports Charlotte Dawson will be one of the hosts for Foxtel’s new reality TV show The Contender.

Based on a US series The Contender will follow 14 boxers from Australia and New Zealand in an elimination-style competition, while also tracking their lives and relationships with each other and their families.

The winner will then fight Anthony “The Man” Mundine.

It will feature contestants with gritty life stories, including Shannan Taylor, who battled cocaine addiction, Nader Hamdan, who served time in juvenile detention, and Congo national Sonni Michael Angelo, who was locked up in the Villawood detention centre, and Ben McCulloch, a Japanese-speaking vegan who studied philosophy at university. Filming starts in two weeks.

Michael Johns The Aussie American Idol Dude Is Doing Real Well

An article in the Sunday Telegraph says that Michael Johns who is Australian but was in American Idol last year and finished in the top 10 is having a successful post Idol career.

His album Hold Back My Heart has gone top 30 in the US, and he was also invited to perform at Nigel Lythgoe’s 60th birthday party. He is now preparing for his first tour.

Miscellaneous Stuff From Ros Reines Gossip Column

Ros Reines says Poh used to be called Sharon at school, and that Alice Burdeu was rumoured to be on the verge of giving up modelling, but now her career has taken off in a major way. Ros says according to insiders there is a massive overseas brand campaign in the wings. On August 19 Burdeu will step out on to the runway for the Myer Spring/Summer 09/10 show.

Thank God Poh changed her name back to her cultural name.

Octo-mum Has Signed To Do  A Reality TV Show

The Herald Sun reports Octo-mum has signed to do a reality TV show, but apparently she only going to be paid $US 300 a day. Seems a bit of a small amount considering the intrusion into her life.

Simon Cowell Is Turning 50

Yes he is having a party, but 17 of his ex girlfriends will be there. Full story Herald Sun


1 BB { 07.26.09 at 2:55 pm }
2 Injera { 07.26.09 at 4:44 pm }

I won’t be watching the Octomum show, even if it does come to Australia, but The Age online was reporting that the deal she made was for each kid to be paid $250 per day, so that’s $3500 a day. She’s still got to get approval from a judge, although given that Jon and Kate have been able to exploit – sorry, share the experiences of – their kids, she’ll probably get it. $3500 per day… every day’s a baby bonus!

3 Reality Raver { 07.26.09 at 9:06 pm }

BB – That is hilarious.

Injera – I may have missed that it was $350 per child, that is better. At least if it is filmed the kids have got to be cared for properly. Don’t they?