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Channel Seven Now Producing Their Own Cooking Reality TV Show

TV Tonight states that Channel Seven are producing their own cooking show, to try and capitalise on the huge audience MasterChef Australia attracted. The show is about finding the best home-cooking team in Australia. One pair will represent each state.

If interested applications are now open at

Jon and Kate Plus Eight Will Commence on Ten on Thursday 13th August

Channel Ten have decided they will air a special on the popular US reality TV show Jon and Kate Plus Eight.The show is about a couple bringing up their eight kids. A pair of twins and sextuplets. Yes there was fertility pills involved. This show became wildly popular in the US when it was revealed Jon was having an affair. They are now separated, but Ten will be showing the one hour special that started it all. On TEN on Thursday the 13th of August at 7.30pm.

James Mathison Tipped To Be Replacing Kyle on Australian Idol

Well that what the betting agencies are saying. An article in the Herald Sun states that James the former co-host is at the shortest odds to win the judges spot. I will be very surprised if this occurs. Other names the betting agency mentioned were Ruby Rose, Tina Arena, and Guy Sebastian.

People Are Always Saying Reality TV Is Dead But It Continues To Thrive

The Herald Sun talks about how reality TV just keeps on getting stronger in Australia. The article states that apparently critics were saying reality TV was dead at the beginning of the year- I must have missed that article – but MasterChef, So You Think You Can Dance just proves the genre is thriving.

Channel Seven are also having success with Airways and World’s Strictest Parents.

Project Runway The US Version Is About To Start In The USA

For Project Runway fans in the US it has been a long time between shows, because of a legal wrangle between Bravo and Lifetime. Lifetime won and will be screening it from mid August. Newsweek has an interview with the Heidi, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors who talk about filiming it in LA.

Strategies That Reality TV Producers Use To Create Drama.

Injera  sent me this NY Times article which writes about strategies TV producers use to get drama out of the show. Contestants on Project Runway and Hell’s Kitchen say they would be lucky to get five hours sleep a night. Oh and booze plays a factor as well.

Layne Beachly Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

It was thought Adam Brand or Gerard Gossesn’s would be the ones to go this week, however it was Layne Beachly who got punted. Here is Who Mag interview with her.

Brian McFadden Twittering His Support Of Kyle Sandilands.

 I am really not sure how much brain power Brian McFadden  has  Go to Pop Dirt to see a tweet he made about Kyle Sandilands


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.05.09 at 10:09 am }

Brian McFadden…not much apparently but then I don’t think many would put any value in his opinion.

2 Injera { 08.05.09 at 7:44 pm }

Hopefully that completely rules McFadden out of taking the emtpy judge role! Maybe now that Paula’s gone from AI, she could come over here. God, Paula and Marcia – the bottom would fall out of the prescription tranquiliser market.

3 Reality Raver { 08.06.09 at 11:07 am }

Injera and Wurstsemmel- I agree it shows how stupid McFadden is that he is basically having a go at the hand that feeds him ie Australian Idol. Hopefully they might exorcise him from the show as well.