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The Apprentice Cast – Some Of The Contestants Revealed

The Daily Telegraphreveals former Miss World Australia  Sabrina Houssami will be one of the  people on The Apprentice. Ms Houssami created a profile when she defied her muslim background and wore a swimsuit. Apparently she is also a member of MENSA. So it will be interesting to see what she uses most on the show her beauty or her brains.

Other show contestants include a bankrupt Victorian mother of two, a wedding reception owner and a second-year law student.

Tahnee Atkinson Compared To Claudia Schiffer and Other Australian Next Top Model News.

A story in Perth Now says the Harpers Bazaar editor, thinks Australia’s Next Top Model winner, Tahnee Atkinson has what it takes to get to the top.

Harper’s Bazaar editor Edwina McCann said despite Atkinson being criticised on the series for being a full size 10, she believed she had the curves to take her to the top.

“She is slightly more voluptuous and she is classically beautiful, she’s like an early Claudia Schiffer,” McCann said.

In other ANTM news apparently Lola Van Vorst has been dumped by girlfriend Lyndsey Anne, who is now hooked up with Ruby Rose. Lola also has reportedly had history with Ruby Rose, apparently they shared a kiss, is the lipstick lesbian community that small?

It would appear the relationship between 2008 ANTM contestant Rebecca Black and Make Me A Supermodel contestant Tom Penfold is still going strong, as he has been twittering about being at dinner with her at Hugo’s tonight. Was he trying to tell the paps that is where they were? It would appear both of their 15 minutes of fame has finished.

Rachel Zoe Now Has  A Daily Email Newsletter

When I heard Rachel Zoe had a reality TV show out, I thought I am going to hate it. Incorrect, I loved it, helped by the catfighting between her assistance Brad and Taylor. Then I heard Rachel Zoe was bringing out a daily email newsletter, and I thought I would not like it. Incorrect, it is well written and laid out, and only take 30 seconds to read.

I have realised Rachel Zoe should never be underestimated. If you want to subscribe you can on

Marieke Hardy Gives Her View On World’s Strictest Parents

The witty Marieke Hardy in The Age gives her views on the popular Channel Seven show World’s Strictest Parents.

Channel Nine Edited Out Same Sex Kiss On Australia’s Perfect Couple

Wow missed this one and just picked it up on the excellent TV blog TV Tonight, apparently channel nine had cut out the gay couple getting a peck on the cheek. I even saw the episode and I did not clue in, but the article is correct they were the only couple not to be shown getting a kiss.

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Ugh, Channel Nine is pathetic.