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Reality Tidbits –

Kate Cook Is Hoping To Tour The Country Towns

Likeable Kate Cook the country girl from Queensland on Australian Idol tells of her idol experience  in this interview in Who Mag. She plans post Idol to write songs and tour.

Alex Perry Reveals He Probably Was Not The Most Experienced Cook On Masterchef

Also in Who Mag there is an interview with fashion designer Alex Perry about his experience on Celebrity Masterchef. Alex proved to be very entertaining, but even though he won with his signature dish, he never looked like he cooked very much, something which is confirmed in the interview.

Dr Drew Is Now Doing Sex Rehab

Now I have to confess my new favourite show is Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew, and I am this he is fabulous.  I had not watched it previously because I had all these wrong preconceptions that it was going to be super trashy. Well it is trashy but in a good way.

Anyway news from the US says that he has a new show called Sex Rehab with Dr Drew. Unfortunately that does not mean you get to do horizontal folk dancing with the good doctor, but he treats patients with sex addictions. Before you get to excited David Duchovny and Michael Douglas are not on the show.

Here is what popular US blog had to say about it:

Bless you, VH1. This show, where eight celebrity sex addicts live in a house for 21 days and go through intense therapy, looks like it’s going to be unbelievable. I haven’t actually heard of most the “celebrities” who’ll be on. Well, besides Kari Ann Peniche, the girl who was nakey in the hottub with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. But that’s really enough for me.

Mia Michael’s From SYTYCD Does Not Have Cancer

Mia Michaels,  the talented photographer and hard to please judge from So You Think You Can Dance shaved her head. Apparently it has put all her fans in a tizz and there were rumours buzzing that she had cancer. Well she doesn’t. As she said on Twitter “Can’t a girl just shave her head?” (Source here)

Gordon Ramsay Has Had Plastic Surgury

This article states that Gordon Ramsay has had filler put into the crevices in his chin. He decided to get it done when he became big in the US.

Mary Murphy To Appear In Burn The Floor On Broadway

SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy will be dancing on Broadway in the production Burn The Floor. This is a Jason Gilkison production which also has So You Think You Can Dance Australia Season One contestant Henry Byalikov. He has had one of the most successful dance careers post the popular reality TV dance show. As he has also appeared on Dancing With The Stars. (New York Theatre Guide)

An Interview With Australian Idol’s Stan Walker – He Is Keen To Procreate

Stan Walker may only be 19 years-old but his biological clock is ticking over time. He said in this interview here that he wanted to have lots of kids and he would start as soon as possible. Do you think he realises how they will curtail a lot of his activites?

There Will Now Be A Top Chef Desserts

We had Top Chef Masters, and now we have Top Chef Desserts. Bravo is creating a Top Chef spinoff that will only focus on desserts. It will feature pastry chefs competing against one