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Poh’s Kitchen Sneakpeek

Clearly I have been living in a glass bubble as I honestly thought that Masterchef Australia runner-up Poh Ying Leow’s cooking show was going to be about Malaysian cuisine. I was wrong.

It appears the show, Poh’s Kitchen, is about Poh and her culinary adventures, helped along by guest chefs like Neil Perry. The YouTube clip above is a sneakpeek to whet our appetites.

I will still watch it however I am hoping she does do some of her Malaysian dishes.


1 Injera { 01.19.10 at 11:26 pm }

If it goes to a second season, Poh has to veto the kiddies TV titles and ditch the overly modulated voice of the narrator (who didn’t realise that 80s comedians were making fun of the way newsreaders’ voices shifted octaves).

2 CG { 01.20.10 at 6:02 am }

I’ll also watch but the giggling and flirty silliness is going to get on my nerves big time so not sure how long I’ll be able to stay tuned in. Wonder if there will be any content. A very anti-ABC style of show. They (ABC) seem to be turning a new leaf what with Poh and addition of Annabel Crabb on the political front. Will be interesting to see how the ratings go.

3 Reality Raver { 01.21.10 at 9:18 pm }

Injera and CG – It looks a little like Maeve O’Mara’s show on SBS, which by the way I do like. But it does appear to hinge on Poh’s personality.

4 sourkraut { 01.21.10 at 10:06 pm }

Just as i said on your previous postig.
Anyway I have NO interest in learhing how to cook a 100 year old egg and artfully place it on the plate

5 salsateacher { 01.22.10 at 12:57 am }

I think Poh is kooky and quirky, and I will watch the first show with interest.
Unfortunately from the ad, it looks like she just stands around giggling whilst the pro-chefs do all the cooking. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I watch cooking shows to oddly enough get ideas for cooking, and if they come through with the goods I will become a regular viewer.
I hope the show goes well, as I liked her on MasterChef. It will be interesting to see what the ABC do with her.
Poh was most definately the most marketable from the final 3 contestants. Poor Julie seems to be a bit of a laughing stock, and Chris-The-Werewolf only seems to be known for his crooked business dealings and bizzare love life. I can’t see him being offered a tv show any time soon

6 charades { 01.29.10 at 2:41 pm }

I cannot watch or listen to her.
The teeth the laugh , and those childish pigtails, all turn me off.

I could probably cope a little more if she acted her age, instead of trying to be a little girl. It does not work for anyone over the age of 3.

7 Chess { 02.10.10 at 10:44 pm }

Yes…. Poh….please CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! She could seriously eat an Apple through a tennis Raquet!