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Sunday Reality Tidbits

Matthew Newton, the host of The X Factor, has had the police visit his new house, as there was loud noises coming from it. The SMH states:

Details of a police situation report revealed to The Sun-Herald said a dishevelled Newton answered the door. Officers saw blood on his hand.

Newton said he had been on the phone having a passionate argument with a friend when he heard the officers knock on the door, he turned and tripped over a heater, grazing the skin on his hand. Police reported he was alone in the unit.

I hope this incident doesn’t mean he is starting to unravel again. Maybe Dr Drew Pinsky needs to be consulted on this one.

Todd McKenney from Dancing With The Stars is feuding with Rachael Finch’s partner Michael Miziner accussing him of bossing Rachael around on the show. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Also in the same column it states Lara Bingle is about to hit Sydney again. I will be very surprised if there is NOT a reality TV show in her future. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Richard Clune’s TV column states Junior Masterchef will screen two to three nights a week, no timeslot yet, but I figure they must be looking at the 7.30pm one. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Dancing With The Stars host Sonia Kruger talks about being in love and how she keeps looking so fabulous. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Dicko admits he was a fame whore (Source Herald Sun)

Masterchef evictee Fiona Inglis tells why she didn’t come back on the show. (Source:


1 seepi { 07.18.10 at 10:50 pm }

They are so nosy on DWTS. they are always alluding to the contestants troubles in the press etc – with both Tamara Jaber and Alex Fevola in particular.

I think Jo Beth should have traded on her sweet girl image, rather than going for the seductress persona. It might have got her further. I’m also thinking the votes are just not there this year. People I’d expect to be popular seem to be leaving early.

2 Culinary Boner { 07.19.10 at 1:49 pm }

Perhaps Matt’s cut hand was the result of a cook off with Jake.

3 The X Factor – Launched But Everyone Appears To Be On Matt Newton Watch | reality ravings { 08.01.10 at 12:19 pm }

[…] Even though newly rehabbed host Matt Newton was not drinking on Friday night, rumours abound he had been out at nightclubs earlier in the week partying with the other judges and Brian McFadden. Hopefully it is not true for his sake. But this is the second time in a few weeks that Matthew has had stories like this in the headlines with police being called to his Darlinghurst house because of a disturbance. (Previous blog post here) […]