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MasterChef News – literally

The MasterChef judges were on Breakfast this morning and I’ve located video of the 8.30 news and weather bulletin.  It’s a little surreal, but it did make me think that George’s shoulder (and “what does that mean?” interjections) could perhaps be incorporated into a number of shows.

"Inset George" tries to make sense of the big drums


Matt Preston handled the weather report with aplomb

Click here for a link to the segment.


1 Culinary Boner { 05.02.12 at 12:54 pm }

Perhaps Matt can do The Naked News next?

2 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 1:16 pm }

Not surprised Jowl$y got the weather spot. He’d know a lot about wind.

He owns 473 cravats ,too.

3 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 6:07 pm }

bdd – Jowlsy looks like he’s taken up a pretty good farting position in that picture. Looks like a lot of turbulence along the east coast and out into the Pacific too.

4 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 6:18 pm }

Yeah , it looks like Tropical Cyclone Risotto escaping from Jowl$y’s Khyber Pass.

5 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 6:21 pm }

I don’t think he’s pointing to anything either, I think he’s actually hanging on.

6 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 6:26 pm }

He’s hoping someone will pull his finger…..

Gary and Jowl$y have awesome new schoolboy haircuts, too.

7 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 6:32 pm }

Lol – ohhh yes, that’s a relief.

8 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 8:53 pm }


9 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 9:04 pm }

Hey Georgie, comment 8 is some dickhead impersonating me. RR will be able to tell that and remove it.

Don’t worry, love your work..

10 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 9:18 pm }

Gee, I was walking off into the sunset with my hands in my pockets kicking up stones. Thanks bdd, I feel better now.

Don’t know how come I got 2 ‘okays’ either but RR can remove them seeing as how I must have been talking to a DH.

11 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 9:24 pm }

Tomorrow’s a new day, Georgie….Pro Bull Riding at 8.00 AM. It’s all good.

My underachieving dickhead of an understudy may have posted the extra “Okay”.

12 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 9:33 pm }

Yep it’s all good bdd. Except I have to go at 7.30am tomorrow – bugger it!

13 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 9:43 pm }

If the imposter keeps this up we won’t have to take responsibility for anything we say anymore bdd.

14 littlepetal { 05.02.12 at 10:00 pm }

Very true. Only RR will know

15 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 10:16 pm }

Comment 17 is not me, either.

16 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 10:17 pm }

I wondered about that, it didn’t sound like you but the $ had me fooled.

Let it go for tonight and we can email RR to sort it. Talk to you tomorrow.

17 Marepoppin { 05.02.12 at 10:30 pm }

Can tell 8 an 17 aren’t BDD, I didn’t once laugh and say… That should be offensive but somehow….. Lol. Get off, impersonator

18 brain dead dave { 05.02.12 at 10:30 pm }

No worries, Georgie. Any more posts tonight under my name are frauds.

Thank$ Marepoppin.

19 Georgie { 05.02.12 at 10:48 pm }

Betty Behave yourself and put the bottle away.

20 Georgie { 05.18.12 at 1:06 am }

Well done impersonator, you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve.