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Sunday Reality Tidbits

If you thought Australia’s Got Talent moving to NINE meant the end of seeing Kyle Sandilands on TV well think again as apparently TV stations are courting him. Or maybe his publicist fed this story to the papers. (Source: Sunday Telegraph).

Former Dancing With The Stars contestants Erin McNaught is now engaged to her music producer boyfriend. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

She is not the only former Miss Universe getting married with Rachael Finch celebrating her hen’s party in her home town of Townsville this weekend. She is marrying her Dancing With The Stars partner Michael Miziner. (Source: Sunday Telegraph – hard copy).

Another Dancing With The Stars alumni, Tom Williams, actually got married this weekend to fashion designer Rachel Gilbert. However she covered up the dress as she has a magazine deal, but this did not stop the paps from getting a shot of the dress. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

The X Factor runner ups Jason Owens, and The Collective will have their “winner” singles released on itunes. It is a smart move by Sony because it will be a test of whether either of them are worth signing up.

Jason Sullivan can breathe a sigh of relief as Tom Cruise has dropped the charges against him. The winner of HomeMade was tasered last month after trying to get over the wall in his property. (Source:

The Amazing Race Australia host Grant Bowler dishes the dirt on what it was like to work with Lindsay Lohan on the set of Liz and Dick. (Source: SMH)

Fans of Anthony Bourdain will love this article on Gawker where he answers readers questions, it seems like he live blogged there. He does come across as the culinary equivalent of Hunter S Thompson. An example from this Q & A:

I went to Vassar, where they still hold you in esteem as a (near) alumnus. How would you describe your time there?
I barely attended class. I was an angry, self-hating, pretentious, neurotic, drug addled and untrustworthy little shit. I was too young for college and I blew any opportunities I might have had there. Can’t remember anything but watching films in Steerman’s film class (which I liked).

(Source: Gawker)